Thursday, May 5, 2011

℃-ute Concert Tour 2011 Spring "Chou! Chou Wonderful" report

℃-ute are currently in their Spring tour and already gave some concerts. Of course Up-Front Link was there for a small report !

The whole place was full of fans, ready to see the crazy members of ℃-ute dancing and singing. Like Airi Suzuki said, the concert was Chou Chou Wonderful!!

They sang many songs like Dance de Bakoon!, Kiss me Aishiteru, Chou Wonderful! but also their new single, Momoiro Sparkling (which will be released soon, on May 25th). There was really no break during this concert and their dance movements get to another level, really talented!

Just before the live I took this picture for this blog, as usual enjoy :)


  1. I hope C-ute can perform in the USA next year :)

  2. same, if c-ute came the europe (or the uk) i would be soooo happy!

  3. I hope they'll come to Finland some day

  4. estubo genial espero que algun dia vengan a Mexico