Monday, January 31, 2011

UP-FRONT Tunes and Watarasebashi

UP-FRONT Tunes is a YouTube channel dedicated to some artists of UP-FRONT like Aya Matsuura, KAN, Takui Nakajima, etc. The channel's style is more jazzy, bossa nova, etc., in one word, relaxing.

You also have the opportunity to discover some PVs but also live' songs, so do not hesitate to check this channel!!

Personnally, I felt in love with the cover of "Watarasebashi" with Aya Matsuura, a song which has been a huge hit in the 90's (this song has been released in January 1993). It was originally a song from Chisato Moritaka, another UP-FRONT's artist. I hope you will like it! Aya said she was a huge fan of her ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream Morning Musume。, the press conference!!!!!!

Tonight I will talk about a event that just took part some hours ago, like for celebrating the13th birthday of Morning Koohii. So be prepared for many crazy news!!!

So tonight some ex-members of Morning Musume。held a press conference for official medias and some lucky people of the fanclub at the Sun Plaza in Nakano.

10 members are part of the Dream Morning Musume。:
  1. Yuko Nakazawa
  2. Kaori Iida
  3. Natsumi Abe
  4. Kei Yasuda
  5. Mari Yaguchi
  6. Rika Ishikawa
  7. Hitomi Yoshizawa
  8. Makoto Ogawa
  9. Miki Fujimoto
  10. Kusumi Koharu
Before introducing themselves, the Dream Morning Musume。 came on stage to sing "Love Machine". Of course all the fans became totally crazy!! They began to sing, dance and jump with all the members. It was really nice to see this, like if dreams come true :)

Dream Morning Musume。singing Love Machine

Love Machine!!!!!

Then the announcer came on stage and asked everyone to introduce themselves and answered some questions about this new unit, what did they feel about being together, etc.
Dream Morning Musume。
Dream Morning Musume。
Just after, Tsunku♂ let a video message to the audience but also to the Dream Morning Musume。
He talked about his vision of this group, about a new album with many surprises, so let's see what we will really have, because until now, nobody really knows!!
Then, we saw the members in their dance practise, funny moment !

Dance practise
The official medias came on stage to take pictures and make some interviews.

The members said the Dream Morning Musume。are not just idols, the group is more than this. We can not categorize them and there is no leader, every member is a fundamental member of the Dream Morning Musume。

The beautiful Dream Morning Musume。
Following this, they couldn't let us like this and announce an album!! It will bee released on April 20th and it is called "Dorimusu。①". There will be a limited version with a DVD for 4500 yens (EPCE-5774~6) and a basic one with a photocard for 3500 yens (EPCE-5777~8).

The Dream Morning Musume。 announcing an album
Name of the album : Dorimusu。① (written in Japanese)

But it was not finished, they also announced a huge nationwide tour with many concerts from April to May: the Dream Morning Musume。Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai.

Name of the tour in Japanese
After crazy news about You Kikkawa, now we have the Dream Morning Musume。!!!
This week was really full of emotions, so do not hesitate to let a comment after this post ;o)

PS : they have their official website here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

You Kikkawa, the press conference, part 2

So, after showing this special talent, we saw this teaser on a screen:

In fact, there will be a movie, called as well "Kikkake wa YOU!" about the debut of You which will be released during the Golden Week (end of April, early May).

Following this, the new solo artist sang for the medias and fans.

You Kikkawa

Of course, with the fans the press conference's room became crazy, they really enjoyed the song!
Just after this, a new announcement has been made : You will be the opening act of the Universal Dream Live 2011 on March 19th (Official website).

And for sure one of the best memories for the fans began: they had the right to take pictures of her from their mobile phone during one minute!!

Fans taking pictures with their mobile phone
Medias took some videos as well
So now, everyone can support her through their own blog, twitter, facebook, mixi, etc.

The fans left the conference room and an official photo session took place.

You Kikkawa

KABAchan, a famous choreographer and television celebrity, came as a guest to support You. He said some words to the medias and the press conference ended.

Some minutes after, You made this picture just for this blog:

You Kikkawa, just for you!!

I think there is no better way to conclude this article about You Kikkawa and all those good news!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Kikkawa, the press conference, part 1

Some of you already knew it thanks to her mobile site, You Kikkawa had a press conference yesterday.

In Japanese: Kikkawa You, Koukai Kishakaiken (which means public press conference)

100 lucky fans had the opportunity to see the press conference with all the medias (TV, magazines, internet websites, etc.).
You Kikkawa came on stage to introduce herself and to announce she will release her first solo single on March, 30th. It will be released through Universal Music (who launched her official Universal page here).

You Kikkawa
This single name is "Kikkake wa YOU!", which in fact is a small joke with her last name and firstname, it can be translated like "The opportunity thanks to you" (or Yuu, which is the real rōmaji for her firstname, so "thanks to herself").

She said she was a bit afraid of being alone for her debut but still, she is happy and will try her best!

The announcer asked You if it was possible for her to show her talent, which is really special: she is really talented to cut vegetables like a real pro!!

Just before cutting the cabbage
After cutting in small pieces the cabbage
To be continued...

Android Applications : photobooks

I know that not everyone owns an iPhone, so here is a link for many photobooks for Android phones.

You will discover many applications with Berryz Kobo, Buono! and ℃-ute members. The price for each application is 4.20$

PS: be careful, usually the pictures are not the same as the ones you can see in the photobooks sold in the shops.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buono! new PV: Zassou no Uta

Following the opening of Buono!'s official YouTube channel, you can now see their new PV Zassou no Uta:

Be sure to order this new single which will be released in few days, on February 2nd!!

Covers of the single

Monday, January 24, 2011

Buono!'s official YouTube channel has just opened

Lots of people were waiting for this, and this is now official. Buono! has just opened its official YouTube channel here.


You will discover many videos like PVs but for the opening they made a special video, so be sure to check this channel!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

iPhone Application : Morning Musume。

Morning Musume。 has its own game on the iTunes Store.

The picture of Morning Musume。 face morphs into from one member to another. Touch exactly each member's "pure" face and complete eight Morning Musume。 member faces!

Here is the link to download this application, for 1.99$

PS: If you do not own an American account, then search through the iTunes store of your country the keywords "morning musume".

Saturday, January 22, 2011

iPhone Application : ℃-ute

After S/mileage, this is the time for ℃-ute who also has its own application, released for the single Dance de Bakoon!

You will have a biography, pictures, video message, etc.

Here is the link to download this application, once again for free!!

iTunes link to buy their musics

PS: If you do not own an American account, then search through the iTunes store of your country the keyword "℃-ute".

Friday, January 21, 2011

iPhone Application : S/mileage

This time I will introduce you an iPhone application about S/mileage.

You can follow the news and the official twitter, see the discography, gallery, etc.
This is a good way to always check what's going on about your favorite group!


Here is the link where you can download it through the American iTunes Store, and this is free!!

PS: If you do not own an American account, then search through the iTunes store of your country the keyword "smileage".

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 7 : Berryz Kobo

To conclude the posts about this tour, here are the Berryz Kobo. For some lucky people, they will see them in Seattle during the Sakura-Con in April.

You can see here a video comment for this convention.

Berryz Kobo
Be all ready to sing and dance with them soon!! They expect the best from all of you ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 6 : S/mileage

Of course S/mileage took part of the Hello! Project Winter 2011 tour.
They won some days before the Newcomer Artist of the Year award during the 52th Japan Records Awards.

This is the best way to begin this new year !! :)

Official YouTube Channel
Official MySpace
Official Twitter

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 5 : ℃-ute

The ℃-ute members as usual took part of the tour.

Be ready for their next single Kiss me aishiteru (released on February 23th)... I am sure you'll be surprised and will like it :)

They made this picture just for the blog so enjoy!


Be sure to check their official YouTube Channel, many videos and not only PVs!! For example, almost one million views for this one.

Official YouTube Channel

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 4 : You Kikkawa

The ex-Hello! Project Eggs member You Kikkawa was opening the Hello! Project Winter 2011 tour.
The fans were so surprised to see her singing and dancing on stage, but all have been more than happy to discover her like this.

Then, she asked the fans for their support in the future (you can check her website here).

You Kikkawa

So let's follow her new carrier, I'm sure you will like it !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The farewell party of JunJun and LinLin

Some days ago JunJun and LinLin had a farewell party with many people of the staff. They were really sad but happy on the same time to share this moment with the people who helped and supported them for such a long time.

I'm sure you have many memories thanks to those members, so do not hesitate to write them in the comments!!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meiji Shrine

At the beginning of January almost everyone from our company came to the Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi to wish prosperity to Up-Front.

I have been surprised to meet Rika Ishikawa who wanted to come with us for this special moment.
Rika Ishikawa
During more than 30 minutes, we sat quietly to see the ceremony in the Shrine.
It was really interesting and after the end, some people bought some charms.

Meiji Shrine
Other charms and items
Outside the Meiji Shrine
Omikuji with bad prediction

For more informations about omikuji, you can check wikipedia.

So let's wish it will be a great year for Up-Front's artists and for the company!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 3 : Erina Mano

Erina Mano has always so much energy while being on stage!!

She really enjoyed singing her new song Seishun no Serenade which will be released soon (on January 26th).

Erina Mano

Covers of the single
You can already see the PV on her official YouTube Channel.

Official YouTube Channel
Official Twitter

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 2 : Dayeon Jang

In 2009, Hello! Project held an audition in Korea and there was only one winner: Dayeon Jang.

Then, she came on stage in Japan just to introduce herself, but this year, it was really different!!

The public had the luck to see her dancing on stage with all the Hello! Project members.

She really tried her best and it was easy to see she loved to be in front of the fans, so let's all support her in the future!
Dayeon Jang

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 1 : Morning Musume。

The Hello!Project Winter 2011 tour began this year with a crazy concert!

The whole place was overcrowded!!! The fans were really happy with the following news.

4 new members of Morning Musume。has been introduced, three from the auditions:
- Riho Sayashi,
- Kanon Suzuki,
- Erina Ikuta,
and one from Hello! Project Eggs:
- Mizuki Fukumura, who didn't know about it before Tsunku♂ announced it on stage.

And as a gift, here is a special picture for you with all the Morning Musume。members!
Hope you'll enjoy it ;)

Morning Musume。

By the way, I think many of you already know the leader Ai Takahashi will graduate the Morning Musume。and the Hello! Project during the Autumn Tour of this year, so let's support her even after her graduation !!
Ai Takahashi
 Official YouTube Channel


Hello everyone, I am Phil, currently living in Japan for some times!

I will use this opportunity to introduce you some artists of the company Up-Front. So do not miss this chance to discover more and more things about them, I am sure you will not regret it!!!

So see you really soon \o/

PS: there's a French version of this blog here