Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recent problems with Blogger and the followers of this blog

As some of you may know, Blogger had major problems for some days. I could not reach the administration and I have lost the last post about Berryz Kobo. Hopefully I had a backup of the post but some of the comments have been lost, sorry about this.

Anyway, I hope you will continue to support the blog and be sure to become a follower!!
The blog exists for several months now and I am quite surprised to see just 262 followers (and 117 for the French version)... If you want this blog to continue, you know what do you have to do now ;)


  1. Get a Facebook page and I guarante that you will get thousands of Likes/Friends
    Not everybody has a GMail account but almost everybody have a Facebook account.

  2. I use Wordpress myself, don't know why you'd use Blogger. Also an official Facebook/Twitter in English/French would certainly help out. You can just crosspost stuff between those and this blog.

    If you can get UFA to subtitle more videos on their Youtube channel and feature them here, you're bound to get more hits. (there are even fansubbers out there who'd do this for little to no money)

  3. I agree.
    I think a lot of people follow the blog, without signing up. I mean, you do not have to follow this blog to read all the entries. That is how I follow most blogs. Not this one obviously :D
    I know there are a whole lot more fans around just checking this blog.
    (Maybe facebook would help, since you have to be logged in and signed up to read the entries)

  4. If you add visit counter I'm sure you can see how many people come to see your blog even without comments.

    I think I'd be pretty disappointed if this blog stops because someone can't follow this regularly. This has been great way to "be in touch with Hello! Project things" with english language.
    264 (379 with french followers) is also pretty good numbers because that shows there is that many people already.
    Some people might not want to comment these entries or follow it.

    But don't take it away from peoples who really admire this.

  5. Eh!? You can't stop this blog because of these little followers! Just look at the visiters for this site, I'm pretty sure there are many more!
    To be a Follower of this blog you've to be a member on blogger, and not all/many are having an account here. So I think there are many fans out there who just reading it~
    I hope this blog continues because I love to read it. Finally it was something for fans from all over the world so that they could understand what's going on etc.!
    I would be pretty sad when this doesn't continue ._.

  6. C-ute Official Page in Facebook reached 5300+ likes (followers)...
    i believe if UFA oppen FB account, it will reach more than that

  7. I agree with everyone here. There are so many fans who are English/French speaking who do not know Japanese. And to have this blog available means a lot to them, me included.
    Also, I'm not much of a blogger, and more of a lurker, but I really truly do enjoy reading other people's blogs, news updates, and THIS site!
    Also- I don't know how to officially follow blogs XD (I'm so technologically challenged) I just have this site bookmarked on my firefox toolbar, as well as the dozens of other blogs I "follow"

  8. I also believe it is the content which is being posted. Not a lot of news is posted here. Like when a new single is announced or a new concert is coming up... Also it would be fun to ask questions to the girls itself and post them here or make them make a post for the foreign fans.
    I mean, I am sorry to say this, but there is not much news on this site... Maybe a facebook page which fans can help update as well, like with subbed videos, quick news releases etc would be much more great, because you can see a whole lot more info instead...
    But that is just a suggestion.
    (I know a lot of fans check this blog every day, without being signed up. Trust us, there are more of us foreign fans than you can imagine :D )

    But I do love this site <3

  9. Using the follower counter as a measurement of the success of your blog might be misleading. Like many commenters above me, I'm also not an officially registered and counted “follower” as I prefer to follow blogs with my RSS reader.

    But you might want to take a look at the Blogger Help page regarding”Hit Counters and Statistics” (http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=42078). If you use Google Analytics and Google Feedburner you have everything under one roof. I assume the traffic generated by this blog is superior to anything than barely 400 followers could ever produce. If the imminent survival of this blog is dependent on numbers, they should be the right ones.

    Oh, and the easiest way to improve the success of your blog is to use it, as blogging was meant to be: as a two-way(!) communication. Right now it goes in a one-way direction – top-down – and the possibilities of feedback are limited to these comments. (Where is your email address / form?) Do you or does anybody at Up-Front read these comments? (It's not a rhetorical question! Do you?)

    Threatening to close this blog in order to raise the numbers of readers and followers is rather suboptimal (even with a ;), considering the (at this moment) 5 (in words: five) newly acquired followers.

    Well, I hope I didn't post my comment too late, and gets read by whomever is in charge.

  10. Lots of good points made in these comments.

    It would be great if you guys would include an English subtitle track in your DVD releases. As someone mentioned above, there are a bunch of fans who would probably provide translations for nothing more than a mention in the credits and some signed photos from their favorite idols! ;D (And, well, maybe a little money, too...) This would make H!P releases a lot more accessible and enjoyable for international fans.

    It would also be nice if the international fans had a way to communicate messages to the girls occasionally. There are already some fans who are translating the girls' blogs into English, so we can at least follow what's going on with them. But it's not easy for non-Japanese speakers to figure out how to get accounts on Serend or Gree or Ameba, and post comments back to them. Maybe once in a while, international fans could submit questions through this site, or Facebook, and the best questions could be chosen to get answers back from the girls? That would be really cool, and again, it would allow the international fans to feel more involved and connected.

    There are so many fan websites and blogs, plus Facebook and Twitter, that it's pretty easy for us to keep up with the latest news releases. But what made your Sakura-Con coverage unique was that you had the official photos, which were better than anyone else's! So, if you can continue to offer some photos, videos, interviews, or other details that no one else has access to, you will attract more followers.

    Anyway, thanks for all your efforts! If you get a chance, please tell Berryz Kobo that we who saw them in Seattle still have big smiles on our faces because of it! We love them and we miss them! :)

  11. Well, to be honest. U guys need to persevere and I believed a little bit of improvement in the blog and cross-link it with an FB account would be a great choice as some had said above.