Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ustream today with You Kikkawa then with Morning Musume。

Today you will have the opportunity to see two events on Ustream with first, from 7PM (Japanese time) a special show with You Kikkawa to celebrate her first release, link here.

Following this from 8PM (Japanese time) you will have Ustreamusume here with the Morning Musume。.

Good shows!!

Edit: the Ustream shows are finished, do not hesitate to write your thoughts about the Ustreamusume show ;)


  1. Ustreamusume gets better and better every week. I wish it was longer even! I could watch all day.

  2. These Ustream events are really nice. It's great to be able to watch our favorites "live". Thank you especially for streaming the C-ute concert on Mother's Day! By the end, there were over 5,100 viewers online! It was really special to be able to experience such a great concert as it was happening! Now, if you were to stream one of the upcoming Buono! concerts, I would be ecstatic!

  3. I love the Ustreamumume show, watching the 9gen get all shy calling Risa Gaki-san was so cute

  4. I'm late, but now when I finally saw those shows I can say they're so cool~~ I really like those. Actually Kikkawa was so AWESOME in that show.

    I hope her single can come to iTunes store!!!!!!!