Friday, April 22, 2011

Up-Front Link from Seattle!!

Of course you were wondering what happened with the blog, without any update but there is a reason, Up-Front Link is also in Seattle.
Entrance of Sakura-Con
You will see in exclusivity the booth of Berryz Kobo and the banner the members signed for the drawing of HelloStoreUSA booth!!
Members signing the banner at HelloStoreUSA's booth (who will recognize the back of all members?)

Nice result!!

Berryz Kobo's booth, the costume should change, do not worry!
Exact location of Berryz Kobo's booth: Hall 4E, 711
HelloStoreUSA's booth: Hall 4E, 610-612

Do not hesitate to come and let's see who will win the banner and the signed messages of each member ;)
So be sure do buy CD and goodies! A donation box and some other surprises are also there...

PS: all the rules to participate are here.


  1. I wish I could be there~ ._.
    I hope they're coming to Germany one time! x)

  2. ^

    I SO AGREE! COME TO GERMANY ♥♥♥ I would spend all my money on Berryz then <3

  3. yep would be cool to see them here in Europe/Germany

  4. Wish I could be there ;o;
    I hope that someday some group can come to houston texas <3
    I would fangirl scream so hard : P

  5. Wow! They're so lucky! ;w; I want to see Berryz in Spain, or in Europe soon! *-*

  6. Now I'm jealous of US fans :P

    Can you forward this suggestion to the people 'high' above.

    Pls bring H!P acts to Singapore! We South East Asian are dying to meet them :D