Thursday, May 19, 2011

Takao Horiuchi and his live at STB139

Some times ago, Rika Ishikawa gave a concert in the same live house place as this time for Takao Horiuchi. Of course many people came to see this artist.

Takao sang many of his famous songs and the public felt very fast in love with him. When he began to sing an old song (1986), Seishun Oeba, almost all the audience has been taken by a huge emotion, and couldn't hold the tears while facing an interpretation like this. It was so different from the album version of 1986.
Takao' strong point is really to take part of this song, like if he was living each inside of him.

With a setlist which is a mix of different music styles (folk, pop, rock, etc.), this talented artist overwhelmed his public, who laughed with his jokes, cried, sang with him, etc.

Thank you Mister Takao Horiuchi!!

Takao Horiuchi
Takao Horiuchi

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