Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up-Front Link on Facebook !!

Finally, we made it!! Up-Front Link will be on Facebook. I still do not know if we will continue the blog in the same way as it was until now, I will let you know about it later.
For the moment you can join the Up-Front Link page here.

Thank you in advance and show your support to Up-Front artists.

The more fans there will be of this page, the more we will try to cover events, give you more news, etc.

Edit: You can now access the page from this link.


  1. Hope you keep the blog. I myself don't use Facebook (although a lot of people do and having a presence there is very smart) so I'd hate to see this blog go away. I love the pictures you put up every time.

    Also, consider putting up a twitter profile, twitter also has a huge userbase and I find it to be less scary than Facebook.

  2. I think it's a very good idea to be on Facebook, but I would like this blog to continue too. Of course just if it's possible, because I'll read the facebook page for sure, and it's much easier to share there.

  3. Well to make it simpler just cross-post this blog with facebook.

  4. I'm liking Up-front link in facebook. If you do twitter I'll follow you there too.
    Because I simply don't want you to stop this blog. I've never been able to read or comment to blog which really is this close the many artist I love to hear every day~