Saturday, May 7, 2011

℃-ute new MV "Momoiro Sparkling"

For those who had no chance to hear it during the current tour, here is the last MV of ℃-ute for their next single, released on May, 25th.


  1. The MV is just amazing. It is cute and very simple, but absolutely adorable. I love C-ute.
    And this song is great live, thanks UFA for streaming C-ute's concert... Thank you a 1000 times. It was just amazing, knowing that at the moment you watch the concert you know the girls are performing it. It almost feels like you are there. :D
    Greetings from The Netherlands, Europe

  2. haha funny when airi got a ball stuck in her heel XD
    overall chou kawaii!<3!