Friday, May 20, 2011

KAN, his profile and videos

Some of you asked me to write a post about KAN, the composer/pianist of Ai wa Katsu, the song that all Up-Front and associated companies artists sang for the charity project Ganbarou Nippon.
So here it is!

Name: KAN (real name Kan Kimura)
Birthday: 1962/09/24
Home town: Fukuoka
Blood Type: AB
KAN began in 1987 with the album Terebi no naka ni. Until 2001 he has released 13 albums and 29 singles.
In Spring 2002 he came to France in the "Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris" (National School of Music of Paris) to finish studying classical piano.
In Summer 2004, after being back to Japan, he has decided to sing to his own accompaniment. Then he made a nation-wide tour with the support of a student orchestra.
His last album, the 15th, Kanshigai mo Hanahadashii Watashi no Jinsei has been released in 2010.

For more informations, you can check his official website here.

Here is one of his music video, Yokereba Isshou ni:

And here is of course Ai wa Katsu, on which you can see him playing the piano and singing:


  1. This is the genius behind the lovely UFA charity song. Kudos to KAN!

  2. Thank you for this. I am a big fan of KAN and as someone who doesn't read or speak Japanese it is hard to learn more about hte artists I care about.

    I am involved in a very big charity group for Japan here in New York City. "Concepts for Japan" and "Save Japan Benefits". I have a very, very good idea for a larger "Ai Wa Katsu" benefit involving KAN. Our first concert had Yoko Ono, Lou Reed, Sean Lennon amongst others.

    This is a very serious request. It is not fan-based. I have a proposal I need help with and to see if anyone at UpFront agrees with me. This could be very big and bring a lot of attention and $$$ to both of our benefits for Japan and the people of Japan.

    Please help me bring this proposal to the right people. My email is

    Thank You