Wednesday, August 3, 2011

End of the blog... but not of Facebook!

Hello everyone,

Some of you will not be surprised but this blog will end from now to be totally focused on the Facebook page.
Then this is true some do not have yet an account, they dislike Facebook, etc. but whatever is done, it is not possible to make everyone happy. Moreover there were not really reasons to keep this blog while doing the same thing on Facebook.

And from now, I will ask you, all the people who can understand English all over the world, something. I know there are more than 1700 fans of Up-Front artists... Many thousands fans came to see Morning Musume。, HANGRY&ANGRY-f and Berryz Kobo in America for example.
We can easily reach 10 000 fans, so are you ready for this bet?

So to all of you, you know what do you have to do now: like the Facebook page of Up-Front Link. The more who will be, the more exclusive pictures, live-reports, etc. you will have. You will not be disappointed ;)

Thank you all for your support!!

And for the Facebook page, this is HERE.