Tuesday, May 31, 2011

S/mileage event in Odaiba

S/mileage held an event for celebrating one year of major debut. Even if it was raining a lot, many people came really soon to see them in a nice place, the church plaza inside the shopping center Venus Fort of Odaiba.
Church in Venus Fort
There was really more people than expected, so many were far away from the stage but still, they wanted to see the young girls for this special event.

This showcase was full of surprises and as soon as the members appeared on stage, many fans became crazy and danced on rhythm with their penlights. S/mileage sang its most famous songs like Yumemiru 15sai, Shortcut, ○○Ganbaranakute mo ee nen de!!, etc.
They introduced themselves to people and gave their feelings about being major.
And after a crazy live, the MC, the comedian Tokihide Okami from Joujou Gundan, announced a video surprise.

In fact, many artists from Up-Front gave to S/mileage members a nice message to celebrate this one year in major.
So Erina Mano, Saki Shimizu from Berryz Kobo with Maimi Yajima of ℃-ute as well as Ai Takahashi from Morning Musume。, Mari Yaguchi and Yuko Nakazawa said nice things to the 4 girls.
S/mileage watching Erina Mano's video
S/mileage watching Ai Takahashi's video
S/mileage watching Mari Yaguchi's video
S/mileage watching Saki Shimizu and Maimi Yajima's video
S/mileage watching Yuko Nakazawa's video

And the last but not the least, Tsunku♂ made a video comment... and he announced there will be auditions for a new member!!

Of course the members were totally surprised as well as the public. So from June, there will be many auditions in Shibuya, looking for a girl.

After the huge surprise, S/mileage said goodbye to their public and came back for a photo/video session with the medias. Here are two pictures for you, readers of Up-Front Link!!
Just after this event, it was possible to checkhand of the members, and of course lots of people were waiting outside Venus Fort, even under the strong rain.


  1. Those people are so lucky. I was trying to look this show at NicoNico but somehow it didn't work.
    It's wonderful to see that people love S/mileage so much to wait in rain~

  2. SUPER SHOCK!!! o_O a new member...it was like a hit but, I'm looking forward !!, It's exciting *-* hahaha, ahh loyal fans under the rain♥ thanks!! n_n

  3. Who doesn't love S/mileage? S/mileage are great. As are C-ute, Morning Musume, Buono...