Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ustreamusume。 this evening and SmileageTV tomorrow evening

Tonight from 8PM (Japanese time) there is Ustreamusume。 and tomorrow from 8PM (Japanese time as well), this is the turn of SmileageTV, do not miss these shows ;)

Edit: Ustreamusume。 is already finished but here is a bonus for you!!

I hope you liked the fact they tried to speak in several languages!!


  1. "Auf Wiedersehen" was so cute~
    I'm from Germany and I was totally happy that they spoke in my language too xD

  2. Me too, they said "Hola" n_n I was so glad! Their pronunciation was very good!! I can't understand the most part, but somehow, the message is clear and I can get fun!!I really love the ustreamusume and all H!P's members ustream!! :D

  3. Ahh I miss the show... I wish I could see how their say AUF WIEDERSEHEN.

  4. Fuku-hime's so pretty. they're so funny trying to say those words.

    perhaps next time around they can play games like double dutch in stead of just talking. it will be even more fun.

  5. I watched it live. It was really cool they said goodbye in multiple languages :D
    That made me really happy...
    I love to watch their Ustreams live, since I can't be there to attend events in Japan it is fun to know the streams are live and you sort of feel like you are there to support them....