Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picture taken at the end of Ustreamusume。

Here it is ;)


  1. Lovely picture.

    Hey Phil: small question: were you the translator during the Ustream?

  2. ^
    I was wondering the same thing~ x]

    Aww, really cute photo! <3

  3. yea, I came here just to ask the same thing, XD
    It was you Phil?

  4. The Ustreamusume are translated? :o

  5. Hey, I read this suggestion at Fukumura Mizuki's thread at Hello!Online and someone suggested for Mizuki and Riho to have a dance off and have it posted on youtube.

    Both Mizuki and Riho are great dancers in the 9th gen. A video of them having a dance off will definitely garner a lot of attention. Plus, more publicity for Mizuki, Riho and Morning Musume.

    Have them dance to American song or anything.