Wednesday, August 3, 2011

End of the blog... but not of Facebook!

Hello everyone,

Some of you will not be surprised but this blog will end from now to be totally focused on the Facebook page.
Then this is true some do not have yet an account, they dislike Facebook, etc. but whatever is done, it is not possible to make everyone happy. Moreover there were not really reasons to keep this blog while doing the same thing on Facebook.

And from now, I will ask you, all the people who can understand English all over the world, something. I know there are more than 1700 fans of Up-Front artists... Many thousands fans came to see Morning Musume。, HANGRY&ANGRY-f and Berryz Kobo in America for example.
We can easily reach 10 000 fans, so are you ready for this bet?

So to all of you, you know what do you have to do now: like the Facebook page of Up-Front Link. The more who will be, the more exclusive pictures, live-reports, etc. you will have. You will not be disappointed ;)

Thank you all for your support!!

And for the Facebook page, this is HERE.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Kikkawa talk show event

On saturday, You Kikkawa held some special talk show events with a limited number of fans at Universal Music.

A comedian, Tokihide Okami from Joujou Gundan, came as the MC to introduce and ask You some questions.
The entrance of the young girl surprised the public, because she came with a plant, her Japanese morning glory called Asagao-chan (asagao means Japanese morning glory).

She put it on a table and the MC directly asked her about her next plans.
She talked about her new photobook YOU and her DVD YOU! ~The DVD~ (both released on August, 17th).
It was her first time being in bikini so it was a bit embarassing at first but she really liked to do it, as well as Okinawa. She thinks this is a beautiful place.
Furthermore she talked about her new single Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ (released on September, 21th) which is the theme song for the exposition Nippon Terebi Shiodome Hakurankai 2011!.
The main point of this song is this is a fresh one for her, this is a song you can listen in the morning.
She is really happy about this release and will do her best once again.

Following this there was a small break with the diffusion of video where Universal directors has announced her she will be a solo artist.
Just after she gave her impressions about it. She really did not expect anything like this so she said she was saying yes and everything but she needed more time to really understand what was the announce.
Everything was so unreal for her, but now she is happy!!
The next short video is a short movie filmed in Okinawa. We can see You carrying a watermelon and saying in English: "I have a suika", this was really cute ;)
(Suika means watermelon).
Then she walks a bit in the water and plays on it. This is the end of the second video.
She said after she likes cherry and but she hates spicy things, specially piments.
She has discovered makomodake and kamesen, special food from Okinawa and has recommended everyone to try to eat those dishes.
After this, You thanked everyone for their coming, close to Asagao-chan. Almost everyone also has greet the plant, it was nice to see this.
To conclude this report, a special picture for you ;)
It is written "Kikka no Asagao" in Japanese, which means "Asagao of Kikka".

Resume of the 3rd round of S/mileage's auditions

For those who have missed the audition on Nico Nico Douga which has just ended, here is a small resume of the audition show:
- 12 girls for the 3rd round (with 3 Egg and Dayeon Jang),
- each has introduced herself,
- some questions to discover more their personality,
- dance test 4 by 4,
- dance test together on Uchouten LOVE,
- singing test on Uchouten LOVE and their reactions,
- more than 97 000 comments and 29 000 viewers.

For the other ones, your reactions?

Today's Releases

Today those two elements have been released:
- Buono! single V Natsu Dakara!, EPBE-5411, 1575 yens,

- Morning Musume。 DVD - Morning Musume。 Concert Tour 2011 Spring Shin Souseiki Fantasy DX ~ 9Ki Members o Mukaete ~, EPBE-5412, 3990 yens.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Berryz Kobo event at Shiodome-AX

On Sunday, Berryz Kobo held 3 special events at Shiodome-AX. The three lives were sold out and the fans were waiting for a long time, even if it was really hot outside.
Those lives were part of the Shiodome☆Idol Carnival! 2011, which is also part of the exposition Nippon Terebi Shiodome Hakurankai 2011!.
The lucky fans could listen to the new You Kikkawa' song (Hapirapi ~Sunrise~) while waiting for the opening of the live house.

As soon as the girls arrived on stage, the concert hall become so hot!!
They wore nice kimonos and began directly to sing. As usual each member gave her best. Rival was on the setlist and it launched a crazy atmosphere in the hall. All were screaming, jumping, moving their penlights on rythm.

And the last song but not the least was their new single, Aa, Yo ga Akeru, a nice one. I am sure you will like it as well as the MV ;)

After a crazy live, they had an handshake time with the public.

As usual, I took pictures just for you, readers of Up-Front Link \o/

S/mileage's auditions on Nico Nico Douga

Tomorrow (July, 27th) the new round for the S/mileage auditions can be seen through the streaming of Nico Nico Douga from 2PM (Japanese Time) here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Park Yong Ha's profile and his film concert


Park Yong Ha is an artist who has established his carrier from playing in many serious dramas to singing variety songs. He appears in Japanese television with the drama Fuyu no Sonata, which creates a real buzz of Korean culture in Japan in 2003.
June 2004 has fixed his debut in Japan and also his debut album with Kibyoru.

During the tour Summer concert 2005, he has given concerts in nice places like Nippon Budoukan and Osaka-Jou Hall, which definitely established his singer carrier.

Furthermore in 2008 he reaches once again the high television ratings with the drama On Air and has won several actor awards.

Park Yong Ha has succeeded to establish his carrier of actor and singer in Korea and Japan as well.

Park Yong Ha Film concert

End of June, a special Film concert event took place in Tokyo, one year after his death. Many fans came at this occasion, like the family of Park Yong Ha who came from Korea.

Many journalists were also there to cover this event. After a resume of his life, Park Yong Ha's mother came on stage in front of the public and close to the president of Pony Canyon, Toshiharu Kirihata, who came to give her a special present in the memory of her son.
Then, the mother made a beautiful speech about her son, with lots of humility.
Many people cried but at the end everyone stood up to thank her for her speech and coming.

The film concert began just after. This movie is a resume of Park Yong Ha 's carrier from 2004 to 2010, through concerts, pictures, backstage videos but also private videos. This show was full of emotions and as soon as a sang began, the whole audience was also singing with him, like if he was still with us. We saw some lives in front of many thousand of fans, it was really incredible.
At the end of the film, the family thanked the audience, which have them a huge ovation.
Park Yong Ha was a really talented artist who will not be forgotten, with his generosity and his smile.

Sayonara Park Yong Ha-san.

Summerface Japan
Summerface Korea

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Picture taken at the end of Ustreamusume。

Here is the picture taken at the end of today's Ustreamusume。! This is a special one for the blog, there is another one on Facebook ;)

US and UK iTunes Store link for Natsu Dakara! of Buono!

This is here for the US iTunes Store and here for the UK iTunes Store ;)

Today's Releases

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have:

- Buono!' single Natsu Dakara! with a regular version (EPCE-5795, 1050 yens) and two limited versions  (Limited Version A: DVD with Natsu Dakara! 3Shot Lip Ver.Sofa, EPCE-5791~2, 1680 yens and Limited Version B: DVD with Natsu Dakara! 3Shot Lip Ver.White, EPCE-5793~4, 1680 yens)

- Berryz Kobo DVD - Berryz Kobo Kessei 7 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2011 Spring ~Shuukan Berryz Times~

So your orders were or will be???

New MV of T-Pistonz+KMC, Ten Made Todoke!

After the spot, here is the funny and enjoyable MV of T-Pistonz+KMC, Ten Made Todoke! A good music for summer ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Digest for the e-Hello! DVD of Maimi Yajima

Here is a preview of the e-Hello! DVD of Maimi Yajima (℃-ute)!!

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Solo Versions)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Ai Takahashi Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Risa Niigaki Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Sayumi Michishige Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Reina Tanaka Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Aika Mitsui Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Mizuki Fukumura Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Erina Ikuta Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Riho Sayashi Solo Version)

Morning Musume。 - Only You (Kanon Suzuki Solo Version)

New MV of Erina Mano, My Days for You

Then here is the MV of Erina Mano, My Days for You.

New MV of S/mileage, Uchouten LOVE

Here is finally the new MV of S/mileage Uchouten LOVE, available on their official YouTube channel!!

℃-ute - Momoiro Sparkling (Multi Version)

℃-ute - Momoiro Sparkling (Multi Version) !!

myyoutube with ℃-ute and S/mileage

℃-ute took part of a YouTube contest called myyoutube for which it was possible to vote, and they became first out of the 5 winners (with S/mileage)!! Thank you!!

Next Ustreamusume。with Reina Tanaka

Such a long time without Ustreamusume。, but next time, on Wednesday 20th, Reina Tanaka will be there!! Do not miss this show at 20H, Japanese time :)

More informations about You Kikkawa' single Hapirapi ~Sunrise~

You Kikkawa will release her 2nd single Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ on September, 21th. There will be 4 limited versions and one regular!

★Limited Version A: single + DVD of the MV, 1500 yens, UPCH-9676
★Limited Version B: single + song Love you forever, 1000 yens, UPCH-9677
★Limited Version C: single + song Mizuiro, 1000 yens, UPCH-9678
★Limited Version D: single + song Sweetie, 1000 yens, UPCH-9679
★Regular Version: single + song Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ (REMIX), 1000 yens, UPCH-5718

Be sure to order this single ;)

And here is a teaser for this single:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tracklist of Reconquista from HANGRY&ANGRY-f

Tracklist of the new HANGRY&ANGRY-f' single which will be released on 2011/08/10.

2.Renai Revolution 21 (H&A NeoAcid Version)
3.Sadistic Dance (THE LOWBROWS REMIX)
4.Reconquista (Instrumental)

Soul Junctions profile

Soul Junctions began in January 2006.

Their first single has been released nation-wide on April 2007.
The same year, they gave their first oneman and won the Grand Prix award of Meet The Beat 2007, an amateur contest.

In March 2008, they sold only during lives a mini-album Boku wa Magokoro o Uta ni shou. From May, they began a tour in the Kantou area (Eastern half of Japan). In October for the 2nd MUSIC REVOLUTION live audition, the group won the best award and the audience award within more than 2000 applications.

In January 2009, they have released a single Boku wa Eigo o Hanaseta nara which includes a DVD with video footage of their oneman. In September, they became part of the TNX company (Tsunku♂'s company). They finished this year with a sold-out live in the Kansai (area which includes Osaka).

In February 2010, they have released a mini-album + DVD Nijinowa. Their song Koi no Karasawagi “Shiawase ni narou ja aarimasen ka” became on March the ending theme of the Fuji's television show Kanning no DAI☆Yasu Kichijitsu.
They began an internet show every Monday and sold more than 1000 CD of their mini-album Nijinowa just during their provincial tour. They made another sold-out live at Shinjuku NINE SPICES on May.
From June Soul Junctions had another tour Sound circle~「Nijinowa」 Haitatsu Taisaku Sen Tour~ in the Kantou with 7 lives. In August they continued with a stage performance for the Zenryokutoukyuu'10 Summer.
Just after they have participated at the project on television "TOKIO kara Imawano Kiyoshirou san he 「Arigatou」 Tengoku he Sasageru Special LIVE (Imawano Kiyoshirou was a famous Japanese rocker).
In October the band had another tour Sound circle~Akikaze~ in Kantou area with a total of 6 lives. And just after to finish the year again, they had another sold-out concert in Tokyo.

Official website
Official facebook page

After the video you saw on the blog just before, here is another one Koi no Karawasagi that you will really like I am sure (you will also recognize the studio for the video of Ai wa Katsu).

New photobook and blog for Saki Nakajima

Saki Nakajima has released her new photobook, W Saki, sold for 3000 yens. Who has or will buy it?

Then the ℃-ute's member has also opened her new blog on ameblo, here.

Facebook page of Tsunku♂ and Soul Junctions

Tsunku♂ and Soul Junctions have opened their facebook page, so you just need to become member!!

Page of Tsunku
Page of Soul Junctions

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Releases

Today 2 DVD have been released.

1. Airi Suzuki (member of ℃-ute) - Kibun Tenkan (EPBE-5406, 3990 yens)

2. ℃-ute & S/mileage - ℃-ute & S/mileage Premium Live Haru ~℃ & S Collaboration Dai Sakusen~ (EPBE-5410, 3990 yens)

Did you or will you order one of those items?

Berryz Kobo - Ai no Dangan (Close-up Versions)

The Berryz Kobo official YouTube channel has uploaded the close-up versions of Ai no Dangan with each member:

Saki Shimizu Close-up Version

Momoko Tsugunaga Close-up Version

Chinami Tokunaga Close-up Version

Maasa Sudo Close-up Version

Miyabi Natsuyaki Close-up Version

Yurina Kumai Close-up Version

Risako Sugaya Close-up Version

You Kikkawa: new song, photobook and DVD

You Kikkawa will release a new song Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ which will be the theme song of the exposition Nippon Terebi Shiodome Hakurankai 2011! More details soon...

Then, she will also release a photobook (YOU for 2940 yens) and a DVD (YOU! ~The DVD~ for 3990 yens) on August, 17th, both made in Okinawa.

Soul Junctions MV "Kono Mune ni, Kono Kokoro ni"

TNXChannel has uploaded the video of Soul Junctions Kono Mune ni, Kono Kokoro ni :)

MV of Buono!, Natsu Dakara!

New MV of Buono!, Natsu Dakara! for the single which will be released on July, 20th.

℃-ute live videos

After the streaming of one of their concert, here are two live videos of ℃-ute!!

Disco Queen

Seishun Song

℃-ute - Momoiro Sparkling (Solo versions)

The official ℃-ute YouTube channel has uploaded the solo versions of Momoiro Sparkling with each member:

Maimi Yajima Solo version

Saki Nakajima Solo version

Airi Suzuki Solo version

Chisato Okai Solo version

Mai Hagiwara Solo version

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

S/mileage's auditions new video with Tsunku♂ comments

Video about the new auditions for S/mileage with comments of Tsunku♂.

Music preview of the new S/mileage' single, Uchouten LOVE

Music preview of the new S/mileage' single, Uchouten LOVE, which will be released on August, 3rd.


Spot for the new single of T-PISTONZ+KMC, Ten Made Todoke! and iTunes link

Spot for the new single of T-PISTONZ+KMC, Ten Made Todoke!, which is the opening theme for the anime Inuzama Eleven GO.

US iTunes Store link for the T-PISTONZ+KMC' single, Ten Made Todoke!

UK iTunes Store link for the T-PISTONZ+KMC' single, Ten Made Todoke!

HANGRY&ANGRY-f during Japan Expo, video and thoughts!

After a small break, UP-FRONT LINK is back!!

Who came to Japan Expo? Do not hesitate to write your thoughts here ;)

For those who couldn't be there but also for those who will keep a nice memory from this crazy live, here is the new HANGRY&ANGRY-f' song in a live video, Reconquista:

Who also bought this song through iTunes?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preview of the booth for Dream Morning Musume。 goodies

Preview of the booth Discount Manga (AH02) to buy Dream Morning Musume。 goodies :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

℃-ute & S/mileage Premium Live Haru ~℃ & S Collaboration Dai Sakusen~

On saturday ℃-ute and S/mileage shared the stage at the C.C. Lemon Hall.

Of course the public was expecting something from this "fight" between all of them!!
Each of them introduced herself like a box match with a funny pose.
The concert has began quite fast and despite the hot air, the public gave everything.
The show was really great and all of them wanted to give you a little present ;)

Dream Morning Musume。 and HANGRY&ANGRY-f goodies sold during Japan Expo

About Dream Morning Musume。's goodies, go to Discount Manga booth (AH02) during Japan Expo.

About HANGRY&ANGRY-f's goodies, go to h.NAOTO booth (AJ23) during  Japan Expo.

And if you want a small preview of the goodies you can buy during Japan Expo, this is just here:

PS : there will be special goodies Japan Expo for HANGRY&ANGRY-f !!

Dream Morning Musume。 (Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa) and HANGRY&ANGRY-f during Japan Expo

Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa will reserve you a surprise during Japan Expo 2011 on July 2nd, you will have a film concert, a talk-show and a signing session, be ready!

Dream Morning Musume。Signing Session with Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa
Date and time: July, 2nd (Saturday) 15:30~16:30
Location: Signing Room

Dream Morning Musume。 Film Concert and Talk-Show with Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa
Date and time: July, 2nd (Saturday) 17:30~18:30
Location: Conference Room

For more informations please check the official site of Japan Expo.

Concerning HANGRY&ANGRY-f, they will perform on stage, have a signing session and a talk-show.

h.NAOTO / HANGRY&ANGRY-f signing session
Date and time: June, 30th (Thursday) 16:00~17:00
Location: Signing Room

h.NAOTO Fashion Show, HANGRY&ANGRY-f performance and talk-show
Date and time: July, 1st (Friday) 17:00~18:30
Location: Main stage

You can see many live videos of HANGRY&ANGRY-f through their official YouTube channel here.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miki Hirayama in the Kennedy House of Ginza

On June, 18th, in a small live house of Ginza called Kennedy House, Miki Hirayama held two lives.
The "Kennedy House" live house is a beautiful place, in which you can feel an atmosphere between rock and jazz, like the old good sound. The lights also really fixed this special environment.
Well, just with this, you know you will have a good time. And the live was really great!!

5 musicians were on stage as well:
- Tsukasa Ueda (guitar and vocal),
- Taro Nishiyama (guitar and vocal),
- Masahiro Morishita (bass and vocal),
- Tadaomi Takemura (drums and vocal),
- Tomohiko Sasagawa (sax and vocal),
- Otohico Tahara (piano and vocal).
All are members of the group Super Wonderland.

They began with a funky and rock sound and just after Miki arrived on stage. The Yellow Lion, as she described herself, fixed already all the attention, with her strong and particular voice.

The audience of all ages was clapping and were moving on rythm with the music, but still while being seated, really funny to see.All the musicians were dancing with Miki.
And when they began a medley of The Beatles, what a show seriously!!!

This is the kind of music you want to hear to wake up and be in a good mood for the whole day. Miki continued with some personal songs with a new touch, more jazzy or rock.
She covered an old but really famous song of Kyuu Sakamoto, Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi O. And this is one of the best cover I've heard of this song, so touching...
Of course she also sang her more famous songs like Beautiful・Yokohama and Manatsu no Dekigoto.

With a nice setlist, she gave happiness to all the public.

For this live, we can just say one thing: thank you, miss Hirayama!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Live report of the live Yuko Nakazawa Birthday Live 2011 ~What a wonderful day!~

Close to the place of the Morning Musume。's events for the release Only you, Yuko Nakazawa held a special concert for her birthday in the Zepp Tokyo.

At 5PM, the whole place became dark. A lounge music introduced her coming, which surprised many people because she came not directly on stage but through the public!
A band was here as well and all the public directly felt in love with her beautiful voice.
Some fans came with purple penlights and it was really nice to see them with the purple lights on stage on the same time.
During this special live, Yuko Nakazawa talked quite a lot during the MCs. She talked about her carrier, her vision of Dream Morning Musume。's members, her future, etc.

Of course she made fun of herself about the fact she is still not married, but she still hopes to find the good one soon!!!

She likes so much her fans that she made fun of them, saying she was trying to see them from a hidden spot outside, close to the live house. But many of them came on the last moment because of the Morning Musume。's events. The whole audience laughed from her jokes.

Many special guests came on stage to give her some presents and because she did not know anything about it, she was closed to cry many times during this live. She said she was happy to see her fans, to sing with them and also to meet those special guests:
Yoko Akino, Hidenori Tokuyama but also Mari Yaguchi (just married!!), Rika Ishikawa and Ai Takahashi who came with a birthday cake. After receiving this cake and presents, she came back to singing, and during a medley she even sang a funky version of S/mileage' song, Yume Miru 15 Sai, really a nice cover!!
Just with a guitar as an introduction, she also sang one of her favorite song, Get Along With You.

During this live, she sang pop songs but also enka, funky, more rock, etc.
And for the encore, she came back walking through the public and even get to the second level.

To conclude more than 3 hours on stage, she sang KAN' song Ai wa Katsu that all of you know.

The public was so crazy and screamed so much, she came once again on stage to say another time sayonara to this nice public!

Happy birthday Yuko Nakazawa-san!!!


Ok... I am sure you were expecting some pictures? Do not worry, this time again you will have some exclusive ones, during her rehearsal and one in the backstage just before the live. Enjoy;)

Takui Nakajima's concert on ustream

Tomorrow June 25th from 18:30 (JST) the concert of Takui Nakajima will be streamed on ustream here, so be sure to not miss it ;)
His profile :