Sunday, May 29, 2011

S/mileage audition for new member

Today Tsunku♂ has announced during the showcase of S/mileage that auditions will take place in June for a new member.
Up-Front Link was there and you will have a report soon about this event!

Here is already a video about the new auditions for a new member. You can see the announcement from Tsunku♂ and the surprise of everyone.


  1. A bit shocked and excited at the same time :D

  2. As long as none of the current members leave I'm ok with it.

    It will be kinda weird to see a girl introduce herself as a 2nd gen S/mileage member.

    Of all the H!P groups I never thought it would be this one.

    S/mileage fighting!!!

  3. Hey, I read this suggestion at Fukumura Mizuki's thread at Hello!Online and someone suggested for Mizuki and Riho to have a dance off and have it posted on youtube.

    Both Mizuki and Riho are great dancers in the 9th gen. A video of them having a dance off will definitely garner a lot of attention. Plus, more publicity for Mizuki, Riho and Morning Musume.

    Have them dance to American song or anything.

  4. I wroted about this to my H!P blog ( so I'll copy it to here:

    This group isn't my favorite so this didn't hesitate me so much.
    But I think all fans like S/mileage like it is? I mean, group has been like this since 2009. And S/mileage has their own happy, smily and cute image which stand out of other H!P line-ups.
    Of course when group was created our mighty Tsunku said this group's lineup will change. Well I was forgot that, because it seemed that S/mileage is grown to perfect H!P group..

    It says New member audition, not New members so I'm really hoping it's just one new girl. Or then 1-3 girl for 2nd generation.

  5. wish we had that clip translated. They looked horrified. I hope this all works out and they know how much us fans love them!