Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morning Musume。new MV, Only you

And here is the new Morning Musume。 MV, Only you !!!! Write your comment here ;)


  1. OMG it's so awesome!

  2. I love it... but as much as I love Reina and Ai, I still wish all the other girls could get more chances to sing. It would have been nice to hear Gaki's real voice (without any synthesizers) and it would have been awesome to have a more evenly distribution of lines like in Maji Desu Ka Ska (or at least have the girls who don't really get to sing in the front for the dancing). Other than that, the mv is really nice and the girls all look amazing! I really liked the concept for this mv.

  3. I was waiting to see this PV before I did my order Just now I made payment to CDjapan It's Limited edition A for me (/^^)/

    I was waiting something different after Maji desu ka Ska but I simply love this. This kind of style fits MoMusu right now very well.
    Clothes are fresh looking and white is just perfect color if you ask it from me. They look good while dancing. And then dance. Choreography looks easy but with music it's just fantastic.
    PV itself is simply as always (I'd like to see something different than close-up + dance shot.) But pretty concept looks good. Girls' are as pretty as usual.

    1:37 Gaki with synthesized voice is just awesome.

  4. When we got that 13 second preview while the girls where on a TV program, I didn't expect much. But after watching the full MV, I am now speechless.


    Ai-chan's emotions were so well expressed. And Risa to center when her solo came up. She was amazing!

    Thank you UFA for producing a song that keep my love for Morning Musume grow and grow!

  5. I loved this PV!!Awesomeeeee

  6. I can't access Morning Musume channel from my country. Previously i can watch them, but now i can't. can you help me? i come from Indonesia