Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Berryz Kobo in Seattle, day 2

After a first day crazy, everybody was expecting a more crazy day, weren't you?

This Saturday was the day of the concert, so many fans were waiting since the morning close to the live house to be the first ones to enter while some other came to the Berryz Kobo booth. Today another costume of Maasa Sudo was there.
Maasa Sudo's costume
Many people gave money for the charity box (for Seattle Japan Relief) and had in return a bracelet on which you can read "Berryz Kobo - All for One & One for All".
Two bracelets
Many people generously came to give money for the disasters in Japan, once again thank you all, I will talk more about it with the report of the last day.

Here are an example of a cosplayer who has donated and received in exchange a bracelet.
Cosplayer who donate and had in return a bracelet
But let's talk about the main event of the day, the concert. People were expecting for a dreaming concert, and I really think it was.

The concert began with a video to introduce Berryz Kobo. In this video we saw how each member grew up. The video continued with pictures on the disasters in Tokyo and a text was read by all the members. It was the time for Ai wa Katsu music video, on which Berryz made their appearance on stage and sang.
Berryz Kobo
After this important moment, the concert directly began. The fans were screaming and dancing with their penlights. This concert was a mix of old songs and recent ones from the last album, everything to make everyone happy.
There have been some MCs to communicate as much as possible with the public, but except this, almost no break. It has been really intensive, the members changed their costume once, except Chinami who came on stage with a cosplay and talked a bit in English.
But let's stop with the talk, you are waiting for more pictures aren't you ? So here are exclusive pictures for you, for the moment there are just here like the previous ones so enjoy!!
Saki Shimizu
Momoko Tsugunaga
Chinami Tokunaga
Maasa Sudo
Miyabi Natsuyaki
Yurina Kumai
Risako Sugaya
And like the last song they sang, we have to be ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL ;)
Berryz Kobo

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  1. I had so much fun. I really hope Berryz kobo will come back again. =D It was a dream come true.