Friday, May 6, 2011

You Kikkawa: her movie in Shinjuku!!

Last week it was the first time for the public to see the movie/documentary Kikkake wa YOU! at Cinem@rt in Shinjuku.
Film poster at the entrance of Cinem@rt
Of course people were really expecting from this movie and I think nobody has been disappointed.

I will not write the full story, because I am sure some of you do not want to be spoiled, don't you ? ;)

I can only say that it mixes the real Kikka channel videos of YouTube I introduced you in the past and the documentary that has been refilmed for the movie. It is quite surprising but the result is really great!!

But You Kikkawa couldn't stay like this, she came on stage to sing some songs (including a new one, be prepared to like this song as well!!) and then there has been some questions about the filming, etc.

Here are some pictures of the small live and one with the realisator of the movie!

You Kikkawa
You Kikkawa
You Kikkawa
You Kikkawa
You Kikkawa and the movie director Shou Tsukikawa

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  1. will the movie have english subtitles in the english DVD release?