Friday, May 27, 2011

Yuki Maeda profile

Here is the profile of Yuki Maeda I promised you some days ago. Do not hesitate to discover more of her universe!!

Birthday: 1979/08/28
Home Town: Kochi
Blood Type: A


In March 1991, Yuki wins the first award of a national karaoke contest and the special prize of the judges.
Two years later, she takes part of a contest for a music label as newcomer and wins the special award.

In September 1994, she wins the first prize of the 8th Song Festival of Nagasaki and just after the Grand Prix of Itsuki Hiroshi Popular Songs Contest.
Arriving in Tokyo in April 1995, she enters the Meiji Senior High School attached to Nakano and on the same time still trains her voice. She graduates this school 3 years after.

In 2000 she appears in a regular show, Idol o Saseba! and has her first single on March, 21st with Naki Usagi. She has her first recital in many cities: Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka.
Following this, she is part for the first time of the Hello! Project 2000 Atsumare ! Summer Party Special !! In total she has 17 representations in 12 different locations (total audience of around 200 000 people).

Thereafter Yuki appears at the Hello! Project Winter and Summer events. Her next single, Tokyo You Turn, is released on January 2001 and she tours in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
She takes part of many events as a guest for Itsuki Hiroshi until 2003, where she becomes a Hello! Project member of the shuffle unit SALT5 with Natsumi Abe, Ai Kago, Makoto Ogawa and Aya Matsuura for the single GET UP! Rapper.
While appearing in many Hello! Project events, in 2004 she appears as a guest in the theater Genroku Yume Ichiza with Yukiji Asaoka, Sanshi Katsuro, Takao Horiuchi. She performs every year in the Hello! Project events and in some theaters until 2009.

In 2009 the singer celebrates her 10th debut anniversary with a fanclub event and the following year, she begins a radio show GIFT FOR YOU.
In April 2011 for the first time she records her single in Seoul (Korea) which has just been released, Busan Hatsu.

A while ago you saw her last music video, Busan Hatsu, so here is another one, Mianeyo ~Gomenasai~

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  1. Thank you for this~
    It really tells how Yuki's idol life has been. I got lot of good information at this.

  2. Thank you! I love Yuki's music so much, she has one of the best voices I've ever heard!