Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Kikkawa: Kikka Channel 3

Here is the new video of Kikka Channel !

This time the video introduced her recording for the single with Michitomo (music director, arranger, sound mixer, etc.).

He is the one who will conduct You and give her advices for the recording, so he asked her to sing 4 songs to check how it goes.
Then he indicate her how to pronounce or when she had to change some emotions in her way of singing. But after some tests, he hasn't feel what he was expecting, just like if someone was singing and it was all. So the concept of Kikkake wa YOU! (the "opportunity" thanks to You) has no meaning. So he asks her to think about it. This is how the first day of recording stops...

You gives her impressions after the rude words of the music director, about her possibility to really become a solo artist. In the past she was part of a group, the Hello! Project Egg, so this is not the same now. She has to face something new. And this is the end of this video...


  1. Aww, it's really hard to watch her cry like that. =(

    I believe in you Kikka!

  2. She's such a good singer. And those songs sound fantastic. But I do agree she needs to put a bit more feeling into them. It felt.... flat. I'm sure she'll get it though. ^_^
    Also, which song was which?

  3. Man, that director seems to be very strict. But that's what H!P needs.

  4. I don't appriciate they way that guy spoke to Kikka like that, he better be glad i don't live in japan

  5. seems like the writer forgot to mention Milky Way (Kikka together with Sayaka Kitahara, and Koharu Kusumi) as her unit too. CMIIW