Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Videos of the new Morning Musume。 members

On the official YouTube channel of the Morning Musume。, the 4 new members let a comment to the fans. They introduce themselves and talk about their first impressions as being part of the Morning Musume。.

Video of Riho Sayashi:

Video of Kanon Suzuki:

Video of Erina Ikuta:

Video of Mizuki Fukumura:

Do not hesitate to write your feelings about the videos here ;)


  1. I thought the point with these blogs was to keep non-Japanese-speaking fans informed of what's going on in the H!P sphere, but if the videos are in Japanese, we are going to have a hard time following what's going on.

    Have you considered adding subtitles to the videos? That would be great!

  2. Subtitles would be a great thing indeed.

  3. Yeah, subtitles are great idea... ;-)
    But I quite like this generation, Sayashi Riho seems really professional, Suzuki Kanon makes me smile every time I see her(I don't know why, maybe because her smile is so big and bright), Fukumura Mizuki is likeable and nice. And about Ikuta Erina... I think I just need some time to get used to her but she seems nice too. :-)

  4. I don't like that Erina gets bashed for being an AKB48 fan :(

  5. Hola amigos! este tema en México si da de que hablar, pero ya nos estamos encariñando con ellas, bueno mi punto de vista a cerca de ellas es :
    When I saw -Riho Sayashi at the first time, I was surprised she is very talented, at first had prejudice (bad for me) but I see it is a good girl and working, I like her!
    -Kanon Suzuki, no doubt her charisma and smile manages to convey happiness to everybody.
    -Erina Ikuta, She looks peaceful and sad (so to speak), but his voice is loud and clear, she has a good presence!
    -Mizuki Fukumura,She certainly can with all this by her experience at the agency.She is a pretty girl and in this video she shows her development.

    All 9th generation are beautiful, talented and capable. good luck girls!♥

  6. Zukki! <3
    I love me Suzuki Kanon~ and Sayashi Riho :)
    It would be nice to have eng subs, although I understand what they are saying, but for people who have very little knowledge of the Japanese language, eng subs would be great! :)

    btw~ Zukki's smile is just ahh~ great <3 Just like Gaki-sama :)

  7. Vaya vaya que puedo decir me agradan realmente las nuevas chicas son talentosas y debo decir que le daran vida a Mosumu!

    Felicidades Chicas!

  8. i really want to know what the girls are saying in the vid. Phil you could do some translation. That would help many non-japanese speaker to understand easily.

  9. Im excited for the new single! I wanna hear them sing with the current members now~!