Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hanabatakebokujō and the ice-cream

In 2009, Hanabatakebokujō began to produce in its own factory handmade ice-creams for children and also adults.

When we use a lot of Hokkaidō's milk cow, then it becomes really dense but as soon as you put it in the mouth, in a blink of an eye, it completely melt.

Ice cream

For the Premium Caramel ice cream, inside the vanilla ice cream, it is full of grains which makes it really special. This is the characteristic of Hanabatakebokujō.

Nama caramel ice cream premium

After the ice cream melt in the mouth, the caramel itself takes its time to melt.

In 2010, Hanabatakebokujō began to sell the Caramel Potato ice cream. So of course inside you have the caramel taste but above you have a special type of potato. In fact it can surprise you to have caramel and potato altogether but there is a real affinity between those two flavors and thanks to the crunchy potato touch, it is much more amplified.

Caramel and potato ice cream

To conclude this article, if you come to Japan, by all means you have to try to eat those products from the factory of Hanabatakebokujō!!


  1. Lo quiero...lo necesito jajaja =P
    ya me haré algún día de los productos tan deliciosos de Hanabatakebokujo!! Insisto, no hay nada como los hechos a mano!! >=)

    I want it...I need it! hahaha =)
    Someday I'll acquire the products so delicious of
    Hanabatakebokujo!!I insist, there's nothing like a handmade product! n_n

  2. Que paso con ice cream musume??

  3. Fanno anche i gelati? Impressionante veramente XD