Thursday, February 24, 2011

Takao Horiuchi: profile and live-report's concert

Up-Front is not just working for Hello! Project artists and producing food with Hanabatakebokujō. This is why this time I will introduce you a famous and really talented artist, Takao Horiuchi.


Takao Horiuchi (堀内孝雄) is born in 1949 in Abeno (one of the 24 wards of Ōsaka) from two parents who owned a restaurant. In this restaurant, there was a radio from which it was possible to hear old popular songs. While his parents were busy in the kitchen, Takao memorized and sang many songs. And thanks to his nice voice, his grand-mother was always saying he would become a singer.

His older sister was usually listening to western music. Then, one day, thanks to this, he had like an electric choc while listening a song from the Beatles. Takao was in grammar school during this revelation.

Thanks to his older brother, they borrowed many albums of the Beatles. Her older sister bought him a guitar and he learnt how to play by himself. After this the boom of the electric guitar came. Takao entered a club of music during college as singer.

During the university, Takao created a band called Peace Makers Foolish Brothers Foot. Some times after, he met Chinpei in Kobe and both had the opportunity of becoming professional. In 1971 they began their own band, Alice. To make a living from a band was not easy, but it was their own decision to live from music carrier. So the group Alice began in the Kansai (Kyōto and Ōsaka area). For some years they had difficult times but after, it became a huge and famous band all over Japan which stopped their activities in 1981 (even if they had some activities after).

In 1986 Takao wrote a song for the theme song of a television show for TV Asahi and worked for it. Alice area is still present with Takao but now he has his own carrier, full of folk, pop and rock songs with a touch of melancholy. He has released many albums and singles and is still active!


So to introduce you his own musical world, I made a report for you about his concert on saturday.

The concert of Takao Horiuchi was in the culture's center of Nerima, a beautiful live house. Of course many people were there and bought many goodies.

When the concert began, the public became crazy!! He directly sang and the fans applauded enthusiastically. Just after, Takao introduced himself and talked a bit. He said many funny jokes and welcomed the late people with a big smile. It is easy to see his charisma on stage, he knows how to talk with the public.

Takao Horiuchi

He sang some pop and folk songs, full of melancholy. Then he took his guitar to play a medley of some Alice' songs. Takao played pop but also rock songs, the public stood up, he was a real eclectic showman!! Of course he is really talented to play the guitar as well and he made nice solos.
The lights were also magnificent. Following this, he sang some songs of his last album, like "Sayonara ha Iwanai", who just thrilled me so much!!!

Takao Horiuchi

He surprised his whole public while asking to record the voice of the audience singing a song. So he made the public repeat with his musical director, surely for a nice surprise in the future!!

But it was not the end, Takao gave a show of almost 3 hours, singing and giving so much pleasure to his fans. They all felt happy to be part of a live like this.

Seriously, it would be a mess to not try to listen to his last album, "Thank You~Aisubeki Otokotachi~". Personally, I felt in love with "<Kimikyoku>Akogare Asobi~Harukana Wadachi~Itoshiki Hibi('99 Remake Version)" for example.

And on April 27th, Takao will have a new single "Omokage Bashi", do not miss it!

As usual, here is a special picture of this great and nice artist just before the show.

Takao Horiuchi
Official website

Edit: Because some of you requested it (I always read all the comments ;) ), here is his last PV, Aisubeki Otokotachi:


  1. I never would have figured him as a rock singer, but I'm definitly going to have to check out his work

  2. Hi Phil,

    this blog post came as a little surprise to me. I've never heard of Takao Horiuchi-San and I'm not so sure, if it awakened my curiosity for him. An uploaded video of him on your Up-Front Channel would have been more convincing way for me to promote his new single (,or not...)

    On the other hand, the blog's name is Up-Front Link and not Hello! Project Blog. So it's understandable that you/the company want to show the broad extent of the Up-Front companies.

    But may I make some suggestions how you could IMHO improve the blog? How about giving more attention to the (still active) Ex-Hello! Project-lers, you know, those artists who we can easier relate to, than, for example, Takao Horiuchi-San. How about providing subtitles for some of the videos or at least summaries or them.

    And most importantly: How about taking this blog, it followers and foreign H!P fans serious!?! If you want to connect with the (foreign) fans, if you want to build a community around your blog, you shouldn't turn it in an one-way advertising channel. Embrace the possibility to conduct a dialogue with the fans, don't ignore us. But so far, I haven't seen you or your team reacting to a single comment, either in form of another comment or a new, related post.(What about the Spanish speaking fans, for example?) You do not even provide an email contact for your blog!

    Don't be afraid to extent the communication beyond scripted adversiting announcements. It's definitely worth a try.

    Sorry for the long comment, フィルさん, but at least it matches the correspondent post ;-)

    Yours sincerely

  3. 谷村新司 is actually Shinji Tanimura, aka Chinpei, the other member of Alice. Takao Horiuchi is 堀内孝雄.

  4. uuuuuuuuuuh quien sera este viejito que no lo conosco.

    Prefiero entradas de hello! Project y fotos de las H!P Egg.

    Miyamoto Karin Kawaii

  5. Takao and Fujimoto Miki both released the single, Okitegami separately in 2008 as a sort of release battle. It was Miki's last single (to date) As much as I love Miki, I found that the song suited Takao better.

  6. I'll give him a try :D

    @Tempehro.. well said *thumbs up*