Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rika Ishikawa, her birthday concert

After celebrating her birthday on Ustream (with Sayumi Michishige as a surprise guest), Rika Ishikawa held two special concerts in the live house STB139.
Many fans were waiting even if it was freezing cold outside!

As soon as the public sat, they began to eat and then Rika came on stage with a support band, really talented. The music style was jazzy, funky and even rock!!!

She introduced herself to the fans and made a "kanpai (= cheers) pyon".

About the concert itself, she sang some covers of Morning Musume。like Morning Coffee (モーニングコーヒー) but she surprised everyone with many covers of Chara, My Little Lover and... "Rusty Nail" of X Japan!! I think nobody thought Rika was able to sing this song, but it was explosive and everyone was amazed by her voice and charisma!
Some fans made the famous X with their arms, really crazy moment ;)

She answered some fans questions during MCs and talked about the Dream Morning Musume。, her new photobook, etc.

Rika gave to her fans a really nice present with those special birthday shows and succeeded by mixing lots of styles. She was not just a singer, but also an entertainer, a pianist (she took some lessons), etc.
Well, if you have the possibility to see one of her concert, do not miss this chance \o/

Of course, I couldn't finish this article like this, here is a picture as usual just for the blog!!
Rika Ishikawa


  1. Thank you for writing about this! I love hearing about Rika, since she's my favorite H!P member of all time. <3

  2. Felicidades Ishikawa-san! (Congratulations Ishikawa-san!)

    I read about this in Sayumi's blog. I can see that was a great event full of surprises. I'm glad for Ishikawa-san!♥

    Thanks for the information !!

  3. Felicidades Charmy!!!
    Aww me emociono mucho ver el video de Morning Musume (Ai&Aika)para todos los fans mexicanos. Espero que esto sea como un aviso para que vayamos ahorrando nuestro dinero por que Morning Musume estara en Mexico!!

  4. Rika's Rusty Nail must be full of craze there XD

    Love to hear from her again & Congrats !!

    Otsukaresamadeshita :D

  5. Saying Hello from Chile southamerica! I hope you had fun at your birthday reunion! like always supporting you from afar!! please keep the good work... love you!

  6. It was great meeting you this past fall in NYC at the NYAF! I got to ask you a question or two and shouted that you were cuter than Katy Perry when you said you wanted to be her!! LOL

    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! (Country Musume style!)

  7. Rika-chan~
    I missed her so much when she came to S'pore with V-u-den few years ago. Looking at the pic, Rika-chan still a beauty (ero-bijin):P

  8. Rika-chan!!!!
    You're always pretty!
    One of my favorite members of all time. *-*
    Happy B-day!!!