Friday, February 11, 2011

Hanabatakebokujō and the cheeses

In fact Hanabatakebokujō is not just producing caramels. If there's a ranch, this is also because of the handmade cheeses.
Among the famous cheeses, there is the Caciocavallo (カチョカヴァロ).

Originally, the Caciocavallo is from Italia but Hanabatakebokujō uses its own Tokachi's milk cow, really famous, to create this cheese.
Once again the passionate workers take their time to create those cheeses with this special form.

Preparation of the caciocavallo
We can recommand you to eat it grilled and then cut it in slice. Then, put them on toasts.
Like this, the exterior will become crunchy and the inside will melt, so delicious!!

Recommanded preparation
Moreover, Hanabatakebokujō also produces mozarella (モッツァレラ), raclette (ラクレット), scamorza (スカモルツァ), etc.

In Japan many people love cheese so if you come in Japan try the ones made by Hanabatakebokujō!!

Official website of the Hanabatakebokujō.


  1. Amo Japón y amo el queso, aquí hay una perfecta sincronia! jajaja. Algún día quiero viajar a Japón y entonces me aseguraré de adquirir este queso! Se ve tan sabroso en la foto, me muero por saborearlo, especialmente por que es hecho a mano, esos son especiales!♥

    I love Japan and I love cheese, here is a perfect sync! hahaha. Someday I want to travel to Japan and then I'll be sure to purchase this cheese! It looks so delicious in the photo, I'm dying to taste it, especially because it is handmade, these are special!☺

  2. AAhhh..this makes me hungry!
    I'll ask my friends who are studying in Japan to buy some for me. >.<

  3. is it possible to get a free sample? i'll review it in my youtube channel~!

    please and thank you


  4. I want it now~ xD
    It totally makes me hungry lol

  5. Hahaha! I eat these products every day XD
    Questi sono prodotti ITALIANI! ^___^

    Go go ITALY!

  6. Lol, this is quite a good way to introduce the ranch and its products using idols blog... next time how about asking some H!P members to promote this? It would be a double whammy for fans :D