Monday, February 14, 2011


The last time I talked about the YouTube channel UP-FRONT TUNES. This time I will introduce you the main Youtube channel of UP-FRONT, UP-FRONT CHANNEL.
This channel has really lots of videos with many artists. You have of course some videos of Hello!Project artists but also about artists like The Possible (THE ポッシボー), SI☆NA, Arisa Noto (能登有沙), Tsunku♂, etc.
I'm sure you can discover many interesting videos, so do not hesitate to give a try!! :)


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  1. Hola! Buenos Días.

    Well, I recently saw the video of Mr. Tsunku♂ "To You" ♥ I read his blog at Serend and I visited the UP-Front Entertaiment channel on YouTube, of course I'm a Hello! Project fan, thanks to this I could link to some videos of covers of Morning Musume by SI☆NA, I liked it, plus it is a splendid idea to use resources of popular artists to advertise to others artist,at least,is better to foreign fans of J-music is like: "the links is the easiest way to find a lot of thing about the same topic",is something like a UP-Front's family, that's what I think. =)