Thursday, February 3, 2011

Buono! new PV JUICY HE@RT and the Yebisu Garden Place

After "Zassou no Uta", Buono! has updated their YouTube channel with a new PV, "JUICY HE@RT".

Lots of you probably saw the castle behind them, and in fact this is a famous restaurant in Tōkyō from the French chef Joël Robuchon.
So if you come to Tōkyō, you can easily see this restaurant which looks like a French Castle, like a "Château de la Loire". To go there, you just have to follow the direction of "Yebisu Garden Place" through the "Yebisu Skywalk" at the Ebisu station.

Anyway, here is the PV :)


  1. i love the MV.. the cars and the girls are awesome.. XD

  2. I hate Germany! Like always I can't see the PV <.<
    The video is not available in my country! Argh >.<

  3. me gusta esta canción, no se porque pero me gusta aunque no sea el tipo de música que prefiero.

    ... ... ... ... ...

  4. @ Nichiyobi
    we need for this ;)

    Great Song and greap MV!

  5. I'll be in Japan next April~~~
    It'd be cool if I saw that.

  6. I really like the MV.
    I think their stylish is very good!
    Buono! has something different with the other groups in Up Front.

    I hope the sales can get better with better promotions