Friday, February 25, 2011

Hanabatakebokujō and the animals

This time I will introduce you the animals of the ranch. The ranch of Hanabatakebokujō has an area of 23 hectares. Inside this big ranch, there are many animals who are living peacefully together.

Hanabatakebokujō is practicing animal husbandry with Jersey cattle, a light brown race cattle. And thanks to this cattle and the grass of the pasture, Hanabatakebokujō produces a really good milk's cow.

Jersey cattle

Moreover, horses and miniature horses, pigs, dogs, rabbits and many other animals are living in the ranch.

Miniature horses

You can even see Llama ! From the family of the camel, their physical characteristics are a long head and the fiber is extremely delicate. You have to be careful because they can suddenly spit. But inside the Hanabatakebokujō' staff, this is the favorite animal.


Usually the weather of Hokkaidō is quite cold but in summer, the flowers are in bloom and during the whole season the pasture is green. So if you can go to Hokkaidō in the summer, you will keep a beautiful memory of it !



  1. Cada vez que leo sobre este hermoso lugar me da ganas de ir volando a visitarlo!
    Que hermoso lugar, esa es la flor de lavanda? Huele rico y se ve muy bonito con el contraste con el verde pasto... Hanabatakebokujo es como el paraiso *-* sin mencionar que me encantan los animales!la Llama es asombrosa!

    Every time I read about this beautiful place makes me want to go flying to visit!
    What a beautiful place, that's the lavender? Smells good and looks very nice with the contrast with the green grass ... *-* Hanabatakebokujo seems a paradise, wihtout mention that I love animals! the Llama is amazing!

  2. nice new layout :)

  3. Happy cows come from Hanabatakebokujō.

  4. Waaah una llama!!
    es uno de los animales con pelaje taaan lindo n_n

    Acaso crian este animal en hokkaido?

  5. LOL at the animals... and amazed by the flower bed. I wish I can visit the ranch in the future...errrr... is it free to enter or we need to pay?