Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Berryz Kobo new PV Heroine ni narou ka !

Many of you were expecting to see it soon, Berryz Kobo has launched their new promotion video on their official YouTube channel. I am sure lots of you will be quite surprised, aren't you? ;)

So be ready for Sakura-Con in April. Are you all coming for this great event???


  1. I was really surprised, I wasn't expecting at all! Some people say this looks like Lady Gaga's videos. But I think Berryz is coupling to fashion today.
    No other American artist would have a video as cool and healthy as this!!!
    I'm really happy! I love both costumes,I love the song, I love the choreography,I love the video is cool at all. Berryz is well under way!

  2. This PV left me speechless. In a good way. And I will be attending Sakura-Con so I can see Berryz perform live! I'm traveling to Seattle all the way from Pennsylvania.

    It totally reminds me of this~ ;)

    Man, I'm totally in love with this PV, and song and of course with the girls~ :D
    (I demand more Maasa and Chii though =P)
    Well, I'm really happy that they both and Captain got solid lines in this song! =)

  4. Love the PV, Choreo and Fashion...BK influenced by Gaga.... Gaga influenced by J-fashion :P

  5. This is one of the best PVs I have seen from H!P this year(and the previous). The Lady Gaga theme is genial, they look incredible. And I'm not a LG fan :-)
    And another thing I like is that every girl has couple of solo lines :-)

  6. D: I can't go to Sakura con (I live in England) Berryz should come to England next year!

  7. Berryzzzz come to New Yooooork.
    NYAF 2011 plz.
    But yes. The PV is lovely.

  8. Yup Come to England please. Also, this PV is so impressive. Are there and plans for any thing H!P related in Europe even thoughts?

    Also, Maasa <3

  9. The image of the Berryz Kobo should not be so... I think this...
    And above all we must not take inspiration from things that already exist.
    I'm really disappointed this time ...
    Fortunately, the song is good.

  10. beautiful music,
    dont like the gaga look though
    it doesnt suit them..
    they look good as they are...

  11. estoy de acuerdo con Chrno89
    la música es muy buena pero el vídeo....con esas pelucas...cuando lo vi por primera vez me asustaron: que les paso!?

    Siento no a ver pasado mas a menudo a pediros un blog oficial en español pero la capitana, con su nuevo blog, absorbe todo mi tiempo.


  12. BK... great PV and great song and great choreo and great everything :D