Friday, February 18, 2011

Morning Musume。 new single Maji desu ka suka!

The Morning Musume。 will release their 45th single on March, 23th.

Morning Musume。

The single's title is "Maji desu ka suka!" and will surely surprised you!! Of course it will be the first single with the new members of the 9th generation and besides, there will be 4 special versions with for each the interview of one of the new member and a PV in an alternate version.

Limited version A includes the interview of Mizuki Fukumura.
Limited version B includes the interview of Erina Ikuta.
Limited version C includes the interview of Riho Sayashi.
Limited version D includes the interview of Kanon Suzuki.

There is a special card in each limited version and in the first press of the regular version, but it is only for people living in Japan, to be part of a lottery to win an access to an event.

Anyway, to not miss this opportunity to discover Morning Musume。 with their new members!!

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  1. I'm super excited for this new single, and the new members

  2. Wow! I can't wait!!!
    Go go Morning Musume!!
    from ITALY

  3. This song better be awesome. It's gonna take a lot to beat the awesomeness of Heroine de Narouka. I really hope we can get something good from Morning Musume.
    I'm also really looking forward to seeing the 9th Gen girls in action. They're looking to be really great additions and from what I've seen on Bijo Gaku they're really shining. And Zukki will get the choreography soon.
    I'm really hoping for Aika to have a change to the front as well.^_^
    I really cannot wait. And no more cheap PVs please. >.<
    And please more H!P over to Europe please especially the UK. London? :D
    From the UK

  4. I agree with charlo! We need more H!P in Europe especially the UK!

  5. Can't wait for this awesome release!!

  6. I forgot to say in my last comment, i'm really excited for the single and i'm going to try and get ver C because Riho is so amazing.

  7. Can't wait to hear this song!!!

  8. I'm going to shoot for the Zukki or Eripon single!

  9. Ohh si por fin un nuevo single junto alas kyukies!!! que emocionante ya quiero escucharlo!


  10. give us a little insight on what the song is like plz?


    please and thank you

  11. I'm waiting for a Single like Koko ni Iruzee! =P
    JK! I'll happy with all kind of song and I'm really looking forward to the new single~

    I'll getting Limited Version D~
    Zukki is just too cute! I so love her! I'm always smiling when I see her smile - I love when she's featured in the blogs from the other members xD

  12. i'm very excited with this news.. i know this gonna be awesome single.. can't wait for the preview.. <3

  13. I have big expectations for this single. I hope my wishes will be granted.
    I can't wait for the preview already...

    And I hope MM or any other group will make a visit to Europe again. I will be there just like France we will make it a big success ! :D

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  14. I have such high hopes for this song. I've already reserved 14 copies :)

  15. en serio en mexico?!
    espero que vayan a mexico antes de la graduacion de Takahashi j-j

    Maji desu ka SUKA! el nombre del single es ese verdad?
    hare unas correciones -w-