Friday, June 24, 2011

Live report of the live Yuko Nakazawa Birthday Live 2011 ~What a wonderful day!~

Close to the place of the Morning Musume。's events for the release Only you, Yuko Nakazawa held a special concert for her birthday in the Zepp Tokyo.

At 5PM, the whole place became dark. A lounge music introduced her coming, which surprised many people because she came not directly on stage but through the public!
A band was here as well and all the public directly felt in love with her beautiful voice.
Some fans came with purple penlights and it was really nice to see them with the purple lights on stage on the same time.
During this special live, Yuko Nakazawa talked quite a lot during the MCs. She talked about her carrier, her vision of Dream Morning Musume。's members, her future, etc.

Of course she made fun of herself about the fact she is still not married, but she still hopes to find the good one soon!!!

She likes so much her fans that she made fun of them, saying she was trying to see them from a hidden spot outside, close to the live house. But many of them came on the last moment because of the Morning Musume。's events. The whole audience laughed from her jokes.

Many special guests came on stage to give her some presents and because she did not know anything about it, she was closed to cry many times during this live. She said she was happy to see her fans, to sing with them and also to meet those special guests:
Yoko Akino, Hidenori Tokuyama but also Mari Yaguchi (just married!!), Rika Ishikawa and Ai Takahashi who came with a birthday cake. After receiving this cake and presents, she came back to singing, and during a medley she even sang a funky version of S/mileage' song, Yume Miru 15 Sai, really a nice cover!!
Just with a guitar as an introduction, she also sang one of her favorite song, Get Along With You.

During this live, she sang pop songs but also enka, funky, more rock, etc.
And for the encore, she came back walking through the public and even get to the second level.

To conclude more than 3 hours on stage, she sang KAN' song Ai wa Katsu that all of you know.

The public was so crazy and screamed so much, she came once again on stage to say another time sayonara to this nice public!

Happy birthday Yuko Nakazawa-san!!!


Ok... I am sure you were expecting some pictures? Do not worry, this time again you will have some exclusive ones, during her rehearsal and one in the backstage just before the live. Enjoy;)


  1. Happy Birthday Nakazawa-sama *w*) It was a live full of surprises, sugoi! thank you :D

  2. AH! Thanks for being so detailed about her birthday live. That is one concert I would have loved to go to ^^

  3. Yuko-sama is so amazing! Happy Birthday too! <3

  4. I LOVE YOU YUKO. Number 1 favourite Forever!! <3

  5. Thanks for Sharing with us some moment of your birthday and Happy Birthday!!Yuko System