Friday, March 11, 2011

Takui Nakajima: profile and videos

Takui begins his solo carrier in 1999. His debuts had an impact with his raw and hard rock melodies.

In 2006, he changes his artist name for his real name, Takui Nakajima. He is involved into musical writing as well as singing with a real pop sense growing. He is also taking care of the mix for the different instruments with a real variety in the writing. In 2009 Takui releases in best album BEST YOURS to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his solo carrier.

In 2010, he releases his first single since more than 3 years, Ashita he no Kaidan. This song represents for him the trace of the way he has followed until today, with all the difficulties he had in his life written in the lyrics.
The day of the release of this single is the same as his bet with himself of singing 177 songs in 24 hours on Ustream, on which he plays on guitar too.

Following this Takui took part of the musical show RENT while still writing songs to improve.
In January 2011, the young man had a concerts' tour in Japan and his last single Yurari Yurara has been released on March 2nd and is the ending theme of the anime Saikyou Bushou-den Sangoku Engi.

Takui Nakajima

To discover more about Takui Nakajima, here are some videos:

Yurari Yurara

Preview of Live Real Hot Rocks

Ashita he no Kaidan

Preview of his Live DVD 120% TAKUI NAKAJIMA~3Jikan Issho ni Utaemasu Ka!?~at SHIBUYA-AX 2010.8.1

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