Wednesday, July 20, 2011

US and UK iTunes Store link for Natsu Dakara! of Buono!

This is here for the US iTunes Store and here for the UK iTunes Store ;)


  1. Thank you!

    May I suggest you look at changing the metadata of some of the H!P artists on iTunes? Some of them (like Morning Musume) are sometimes tagged under three different artist names, which makes them hard to find. For example: I type in Morning Musume and Only You doesn't show up, but if I search for Only You, the rest of their songs don't show up. Could you please fix this?

    Let me also take this opportunity to once again request that the entire H!P back-catalogue be made available on international iTunes stores.

    You guys would make so much money, seriously.

  2. ^
    That is true. So many search names. And Morning Musume isn't only one.

    I'm trying to not buy this single since I bought it from CDjapan~