Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Kikkawa talk show event

On saturday, You Kikkawa held some special talk show events with a limited number of fans at Universal Music.

A comedian, Tokihide Okami from Joujou Gundan, came as the MC to introduce and ask You some questions.
The entrance of the young girl surprised the public, because she came with a plant, her Japanese morning glory called Asagao-chan (asagao means Japanese morning glory).

She put it on a table and the MC directly asked her about her next plans.
She talked about her new photobook YOU and her DVD YOU! ~The DVD~ (both released on August, 17th).
It was her first time being in bikini so it was a bit embarassing at first but she really liked to do it, as well as Okinawa. She thinks this is a beautiful place.
Furthermore she talked about her new single Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ (released on September, 21th) which is the theme song for the exposition Nippon Terebi Shiodome Hakurankai 2011!.
The main point of this song is this is a fresh one for her, this is a song you can listen in the morning.
She is really happy about this release and will do her best once again.

Following this there was a small break with the diffusion of video where Universal directors has announced her she will be a solo artist.
Just after she gave her impressions about it. She really did not expect anything like this so she said she was saying yes and everything but she needed more time to really understand what was the announce.
Everything was so unreal for her, but now she is happy!!
The next short video is a short movie filmed in Okinawa. We can see You carrying a watermelon and saying in English: "I have a suika", this was really cute ;)
(Suika means watermelon).
Then she walks a bit in the water and plays on it. This is the end of the second video.
She said after she likes cherry and but she hates spicy things, specially piments.
She has discovered makomodake and kamesen, special food from Okinawa and has recommended everyone to try to eat those dishes.
After this, You thanked everyone for their coming, close to Asagao-chan. Almost everyone also has greet the plant, it was nice to see this.
To conclude this report, a special picture for you ;)
It is written "Kikka no Asagao" in Japanese, which means "Asagao of Kikka".


  1. thanks for the info, its great to see Kikka, is doing more things. I really look forward to her photobook and dvd

  2. Yay!!
    Kikka is the best!! For me, she is the godness of beauty *.*
    In the beginning I was against she take photo in bikini (I have my own reasons to this) but i will ALWAYS support kikka's choices!!
    がんばれ きっか!!!
    I am a fan of just ONE person -> Kikka =^.^=

  3. Thanks for posting this; I love hearing more news about Kikka! I really can't wait for her next releases!