Friday, July 15, 2011

Soul Junctions profile

Soul Junctions began in January 2006.

Their first single has been released nation-wide on April 2007.
The same year, they gave their first oneman and won the Grand Prix award of Meet The Beat 2007, an amateur contest.

In March 2008, they sold only during lives a mini-album Boku wa Magokoro o Uta ni shou. From May, they began a tour in the Kantou area (Eastern half of Japan). In October for the 2nd MUSIC REVOLUTION live audition, the group won the best award and the audience award within more than 2000 applications.

In January 2009, they have released a single Boku wa Eigo o Hanaseta nara which includes a DVD with video footage of their oneman. In September, they became part of the TNX company (Tsunku♂'s company). They finished this year with a sold-out live in the Kansai (area which includes Osaka).

In February 2010, they have released a mini-album + DVD Nijinowa. Their song Koi no Karasawagi “Shiawase ni narou ja aarimasen ka” became on March the ending theme of the Fuji's television show Kanning no DAI☆Yasu Kichijitsu.
They began an internet show every Monday and sold more than 1000 CD of their mini-album Nijinowa just during their provincial tour. They made another sold-out live at Shinjuku NINE SPICES on May.
From June Soul Junctions had another tour Sound circle~「Nijinowa」 Haitatsu Taisaku Sen Tour~ in the Kantou with 7 lives. In August they continued with a stage performance for the Zenryokutoukyuu'10 Summer.
Just after they have participated at the project on television "TOKIO kara Imawano Kiyoshirou san he 「Arigatou」 Tengoku he Sasageru Special LIVE (Imawano Kiyoshirou was a famous Japanese rocker).
In October the band had another tour Sound circle~Akikaze~ in Kantou area with a total of 6 lives. And just after to finish the year again, they had another sold-out concert in Tokyo.

Official website
Official facebook page

After the video you saw on the blog just before, here is another one Koi no Karawasagi that you will really like I am sure (you will also recognize the studio for the video of Ai wa Katsu).

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