Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More informations about You Kikkawa' single Hapirapi ~Sunrise~

You Kikkawa will release her 2nd single Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ on September, 21th. There will be 4 limited versions and one regular!

★Limited Version A: single + DVD of the MV, 1500 yens, UPCH-9676
★Limited Version B: single + song Love you forever, 1000 yens, UPCH-9677
★Limited Version C: single + song Mizuiro, 1000 yens, UPCH-9678
★Limited Version D: single + song Sweetie, 1000 yens, UPCH-9679
★Regular Version: single + song Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ (REMIX), 1000 yens, UPCH-5718

Be sure to order this single ;)

And here is a teaser for this single:

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