Tuesday, July 26, 2011

S/mileage's auditions on Nico Nico Douga

Tomorrow (July, 27th) the new round for the S/mileage auditions can be seen through the streaming of Nico Nico Douga from 2PM (Japanese Time) here.


  1. This being a blog targeted to international fans I'll put this remark here.

    Streaming the auditions is awesome but Nico Nico Douga is hard to sign up for if you can't read Japanese. Yes, there are fanmade guides but not everyone has access to those.

    Streaming things via Ustream or Youtube Live or putting up a how-to-guide to Nico Nico Douga would certainly be very helpful.

  2. Just register here http://www.niconico.com/ and then you can be logged after into the Japanese version.

  3. ^Thank you very much!

  4. How do you get onto the Japanese version from the one you said to register at?

  5. As soon as you have confirmed your account, go there : http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv57801027
    Then click on the red "ログイン" (which means log in).
    First type your mail address you registered on the niconico.com site and then the password you fixed as well and press the blue "ログイン" button.
    To log out, go on "メニュー▼" (menu) and this is "ログアウト" (log out).

  6. Also, google translate is your friend.