Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miki Hirayama in the Kennedy House of Ginza

On June, 18th, in a small live house of Ginza called Kennedy House, Miki Hirayama held two lives.
The "Kennedy House" live house is a beautiful place, in which you can feel an atmosphere between rock and jazz, like the old good sound. The lights also really fixed this special environment.
Well, just with this, you know you will have a good time. And the live was really great!!

5 musicians were on stage as well:
- Tsukasa Ueda (guitar and vocal),
- Taro Nishiyama (guitar and vocal),
- Masahiro Morishita (bass and vocal),
- Tadaomi Takemura (drums and vocal),
- Tomohiko Sasagawa (sax and vocal),
- Otohico Tahara (piano and vocal).
All are members of the group Super Wonderland.

They began with a funky and rock sound and just after Miki arrived on stage. The Yellow Lion, as she described herself, fixed already all the attention, with her strong and particular voice.

The audience of all ages was clapping and were moving on rythm with the music, but still while being seated, really funny to see.All the musicians were dancing with Miki.
And when they began a medley of The Beatles, what a show seriously!!!

This is the kind of music you want to hear to wake up and be in a good mood for the whole day. Miki continued with some personal songs with a new touch, more jazzy or rock.
She covered an old but really famous song of Kyuu Sakamoto, Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi O. And this is one of the best cover I've heard of this song, so touching...
Of course she also sang her more famous songs like Beautiful・Yokohama and Manatsu no Dekigoto.

With a nice setlist, she gave happiness to all the public.

For this live, we can just say one thing: thank you, miss Hirayama!

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  1. Hirayama-san is so cool! I love her outfit too! :D