Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HANGRY&ANGRY-f during Japan Expo, video and thoughts!

After a small break, UP-FRONT LINK is back!!

Who came to Japan Expo? Do not hesitate to write your thoughts here ;)

For those who couldn't be there but also for those who will keep a nice memory from this crazy live, here is the new HANGRY&ANGRY-f' song in a live video, Reconquista:

Who also bought this song through iTunes?


  1. I bought this from iTunes~ Good to see that Hangry&Angry-f is back!

  2. I bought it! Awesome song!

    Let me take this opportunity to once again request that the entire H!P back-catalogue be made available on international iTunes stores.

    You guys would make so much money, seriously.

  3. ^
    YES~~ More H!P songs to iTunes!