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Park Yong Ha's profile and his film concert


Park Yong Ha is an artist who has established his carrier from playing in many serious dramas to singing variety songs. He appears in Japanese television with the drama Fuyu no Sonata, which creates a real buzz of Korean culture in Japan in 2003.
June 2004 has fixed his debut in Japan and also his debut album with Kibyoru.

During the tour Summer concert 2005, he has given concerts in nice places like Nippon Budoukan and Osaka-Jou Hall, which definitely established his singer carrier.

Furthermore in 2008 he reaches once again the high television ratings with the drama On Air and has won several actor awards.

Park Yong Ha has succeeded to establish his carrier of actor and singer in Korea and Japan as well.

Park Yong Ha Film concert

End of June, a special Film concert event took place in Tokyo, one year after his death. Many fans came at this occasion, like the family of Park Yong Ha who came from Korea.

Many journalists were also there to cover this event. After a resume of his life, Park Yong Ha's mother came on stage in front of the public and close to the president of Pony Canyon, Toshiharu Kirihata, who came to give her a special present in the memory of her son.
Then, the mother made a beautiful speech about her son, with lots of humility.
Many people cried but at the end everyone stood up to thank her for her speech and coming.

The film concert began just after. This movie is a resume of Park Yong Ha 's carrier from 2004 to 2010, through concerts, pictures, backstage videos but also private videos. This show was full of emotions and as soon as a sang began, the whole audience was also singing with him, like if he was still with us. We saw some lives in front of many thousand of fans, it was really incredible.
At the end of the film, the family thanked the audience, which have them a huge ovation.
Park Yong Ha was a really talented artist who will not be forgotten, with his generosity and his smile.

Sayonara Park Yong Ha-san.

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