Friday, January 28, 2011

You Kikkawa, the press conference, part 2

So, after showing this special talent, we saw this teaser on a screen:

In fact, there will be a movie, called as well "Kikkake wa YOU!" about the debut of You which will be released during the Golden Week (end of April, early May).

Following this, the new solo artist sang for the medias and fans.

You Kikkawa

Of course, with the fans the press conference's room became crazy, they really enjoyed the song!
Just after this, a new announcement has been made : You will be the opening act of the Universal Dream Live 2011 on March 19th (Official website).

And for sure one of the best memories for the fans began: they had the right to take pictures of her from their mobile phone during one minute!!

Fans taking pictures with their mobile phone
Medias took some videos as well
So now, everyone can support her through their own blog, twitter, facebook, mixi, etc.

The fans left the conference room and an official photo session took place.

You Kikkawa

KABAchan, a famous choreographer and television celebrity, came as a guest to support You. He said some words to the medias and the press conference ended.

Some minutes after, You made this picture just for this blog:

You Kikkawa, just for you!!

I think there is no better way to conclude this article about You Kikkawa and all those good news!!


  1. Kikkawa & Buono!
    They are the best!!
    Gambare You!^^

  2. It's good that there will be another solo singer in H!P. I wish her bright future!

  3. Wait, only 3 comments for Kikka? How can that be???? I'm glad she's finally debuting, I love her!!!!

  4. I love the Pictures she send through the updates of her Fan site ^_^ always smiling...