Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Kikkawa, the press conference, part 1

Some of you already knew it thanks to her mobile site, You Kikkawa had a press conference yesterday.

In Japanese: Kikkawa You, Koukai Kishakaiken (which means public press conference)

100 lucky fans had the opportunity to see the press conference with all the medias (TV, magazines, internet websites, etc.).
You Kikkawa came on stage to introduce herself and to announce she will release her first solo single on March, 30th. It will be released through Universal Music (who launched her official Universal page here).

You Kikkawa
This single name is "Kikkake wa YOU!", which in fact is a small joke with her last name and firstname, it can be translated like "The opportunity thanks to you" (or Yuu, which is the real rōmaji for her firstname, so "thanks to herself").

She said she was a bit afraid of being alone for her debut but still, she is happy and will try her best!

The announcer asked You if it was possible for her to show her talent, which is really special: she is really talented to cut vegetables like a real pro!!

Just before cutting the cabbage
After cutting in small pieces the cabbage
To be continued...


  1. She may be the first soloist I will listen to. ;)

  2. Amo questa ragazza! Forza Yuu!!! <3

  3. I've been waiting for this :D Now I know I didn't join her online page for nothing *___*

  4. Kikkawa sera una gran cantante y una gran chef jejeje no me imagine que su talento sea cortar verduras, me sorprendió.

    espero la segunda parte de la rueda de prensa al igual que espero un blog oficial para los fans hispanos.