Monday, January 31, 2011

UP-FRONT Tunes and Watarasebashi

UP-FRONT Tunes is a YouTube channel dedicated to some artists of UP-FRONT like Aya Matsuura, KAN, Takui Nakajima, etc. The channel's style is more jazzy, bossa nova, etc., in one word, relaxing.

You also have the opportunity to discover some PVs but also live' songs, so do not hesitate to check this channel!!

Personnally, I felt in love with the cover of "Watarasebashi" with Aya Matsuura, a song which has been a huge hit in the 90's (this song has been released in January 1993). It was originally a song from Chisato Moritaka, another UP-FRONT's artist. I hope you will like it! Aya said she was a huge fan of her ;)


  1. me encanta Matsuura Aya, su voz es tan dulce pero este no es mi estilo zzzzzzzzzz

    no se olviden de nosotros!

  2. Ayaya <3
    She has such a great voice~

  3. "Watarasebashi" is really a fantastic ballad. Like you I'm a bit partial to Aya's version (but then, I'm a bit partial about everything in regards to her! =D), but Chisato Moritaka's original is still very good as well! I actually have both version on CD as well with Matsuura's single release of the song and Moritaka's Lucky 7.