Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream Morning Musume。, the press conference!!!!!!

Tonight I will talk about a event that just took part some hours ago, like for celebrating the13th birthday of Morning Koohii. So be prepared for many crazy news!!!

So tonight some ex-members of Morning Musume。held a press conference for official medias and some lucky people of the fanclub at the Sun Plaza in Nakano.

10 members are part of the Dream Morning Musume。:
  1. Yuko Nakazawa
  2. Kaori Iida
  3. Natsumi Abe
  4. Kei Yasuda
  5. Mari Yaguchi
  6. Rika Ishikawa
  7. Hitomi Yoshizawa
  8. Makoto Ogawa
  9. Miki Fujimoto
  10. Kusumi Koharu
Before introducing themselves, the Dream Morning Musume。 came on stage to sing "Love Machine". Of course all the fans became totally crazy!! They began to sing, dance and jump with all the members. It was really nice to see this, like if dreams come true :)

Dream Morning Musume。singing Love Machine

Love Machine!!!!!

Then the announcer came on stage and asked everyone to introduce themselves and answered some questions about this new unit, what did they feel about being together, etc.
Dream Morning Musume。
Dream Morning Musume。
Just after, Tsunku♂ let a video message to the audience but also to the Dream Morning Musume。
He talked about his vision of this group, about a new album with many surprises, so let's see what we will really have, because until now, nobody really knows!!
Then, we saw the members in their dance practise, funny moment !

Dance practise
The official medias came on stage to take pictures and make some interviews.

The members said the Dream Morning Musume。are not just idols, the group is more than this. We can not categorize them and there is no leader, every member is a fundamental member of the Dream Morning Musume。

The beautiful Dream Morning Musume。
Following this, they couldn't let us like this and announce an album!! It will bee released on April 20th and it is called "Dorimusu。①". There will be a limited version with a DVD for 4500 yens (EPCE-5774~6) and a basic one with a photocard for 3500 yens (EPCE-5777~8).

The Dream Morning Musume。 announcing an album
Name of the album : Dorimusu。① (written in Japanese)

But it was not finished, they also announced a huge nationwide tour with many concerts from April to May: the Dream Morning Musume。Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai.

Name of the tour in Japanese
After crazy news about You Kikkawa, now we have the Dream Morning Musume。!!!
This week was really full of emotions, so do not hesitate to let a comment after this post ;o)

PS : they have their official website here.


  1. Great! My favourite singers from Morning Musume are together :-)
    I hope that each of them will get a solo line because I can't decide who I want to hear more :-D

  2. Ohh! Great news!! I'm happy to see all the girls together :) I can't wait for this album!

  3. this is a great news!!!
    i cant wait to see the concert

  4. oh, this is great!!.. love them all.. <33

  5. Can't wait for both the album, but especially the DVD release 8)

  6. Nakazawa Yuko looks soooo beautiful :) , she is my favorite ;)

  7. I really wish Tsuji could participate in this. But it's still great either way :)

  8. Wow this is awesome. I can't believe how much they mean to me, even though most of them left before I even became a fan. And Koha put in together with the OG, I just can't wait for this.

    On a different note, Phil, I'm a member of a Hello! Project support group, Eternity, and we've been wondering if we could become affiliates - our goal is to spread Hello! Project internationally. We are still quite new, but we make up for that by holding contests (graphic making, Fanarts of H!P members, etc.) and we'll even be present at a Convention!

    If you are interested, this is our website:

    Oh, and we all are volunteers who try to manage Eternity during our spare time!

    Feel free to contact me per blogger pm or just write in the Website's Chatbox! Thanks a lot and please keep going!

  9. Es una lastima que ni konkon ni Nono esten pero realmente es una buena noticiaa aunque tengo un mal presentimiento sobre esto en fin dejare mi esceptisismo para otro dia !!!

    Adelantee Dream Musume!!

  10. This is such a Great News from UFA! Now I got to see my Yossy and Rika-chan again :D

  11. So awesome!!!

    But...can u please drop Koharu!