Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meiji Shrine

At the beginning of January almost everyone from our company came to the Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi to wish prosperity to Up-Front.

I have been surprised to meet Rika Ishikawa who wanted to come with us for this special moment.
Rika Ishikawa
During more than 30 minutes, we sat quietly to see the ceremony in the Shrine.
It was really interesting and after the end, some people bought some charms.

Meiji Shrine
Other charms and items
Outside the Meiji Shrine
Omikuji with bad prediction

For more informations about omikuji, you can check wikipedia.

So let's wish it will be a great year for Up-Front's artists and for the company!!


  1. I'm wishing a Great 2011 for H!P and MoMusu as well as mi Rika-hime.

  2. suerte para el nuevo año! aunque con los grandes artistas que hay en Up-Front no la necesitan...nosotros si.

  3. Hello from SPAIN!
    OMG! Rika Ishikawa!!! I think she was one of the best idols in H!P she had so much carisma and she was FANTASTIC in Viyuuden.
    I wish the best 2011 for Up-Front and Ishikawa-san!

  4. XD rikachan!!!!!!!!!

    que feliz es ver masnoticias de otras de las chicas

  5. Happy cool Year of the Rabbit to all ppl @ Hello! Project & Up-Front!

    Amazing things are really happening now also outside Japan. First I saw Hangry & Angry in my home city Helsinki (Finland) last spring. Then came July and in Paris I was witnessing Morning Musume's first landing to Europe. And now in April Berryz Kobo is going to Seatle and I'll try to be also there when history is made once again.

  6. Muchaa suertee!!!

    Saludos desde MEXICO!!

  7. Fight Hard UFA, lots of promotion for your acts please!

  8. Rika come again to US and bring Yossie!!!!