Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buono! new PV: Zassou no Uta

Following the opening of Buono!'s official YouTube channel, you can now see their new PV Zassou no Uta:

Be sure to order this new single which will be released in few days, on February 2nd!!

Covers of the single


  1. I love this PV and song. And girls have really great hairstyles. Especially Miyabi with her hair up (she looks like Mickey :-)

  2. The girls truly look fantastic. The song isn't have bad either. Well done!

  3. Una canzone meravigliosa!!! Viva le Buono!


  4. too bad that:
    This video is not available in your country
    you have to use http://youtubeunblocker.co.uk/

    I like it <3

  5. No dance shot :/
    But oh well. The song is great~

  6. I preordered the single weeks ago ♥ Do you know whether this means that Buono!'ll release more from now on?

  7. tengo una pregunta: podríamos decir que esto es música de garaje?

    me alegro el conocer la noticia de un nuevo single de Buono! me gusto el PV (sobre todo los moñetes de Miya y las coletas de Airi, les quedo muy bien)

    blog oficial en castellano (cambio de petición)

  8. Anice present for my birthday and I've pre-ordered them!!!! This is abetter day than yesterday :D

  9. really to bad, that all german don´t watch the PV´s, now PV..... hey we want watch it, too!!

  10. One of their best single!
    I really like the song and the video, though the band behind it's a little bit out of place.

    Will they perform live in some TV appearances?