Sunday, January 16, 2011

The farewell party of JunJun and LinLin

Some days ago JunJun and LinLin had a farewell party with many people of the staff. They were really sad but happy on the same time to share this moment with the people who helped and supported them for such a long time.

I'm sure you have many memories thanks to those members, so do not hesitate to write them in the comments!!



  1. Junjun has been my favorite since she came into Morning Musume and will be my favorite forever! I met both her and Linlin at AX and started crying when I met Junjun. She held my hand softly while I cried and it was so nice of her even though it was very embarassing! I told her I loved her and she said it back. She is awesome!

    Linlin's spunk and beautiful voice will be missed in Morning Musume as well. She was so cute at AX trying to speak English. My favorite moment of hers is when they asked what anime she liked and she said "One Piece, Naruto, and.... Tom and Jerry!" She is so funny and her smile is amazing.

    I will miss both girls very much and hope they do well in China! I will support them forever!

    Junjun's #1 fangirl

  2. Ambas son increíbles, Morning Musume a perdido mucho con su marcha pero sabemos que saldrán a delante y nosotros seguiremos apoyando a JunJun y a LinLin en todo lo que hagan y también al nuevo Musume.

    A JunJun y a LinLin solo decirles gracias, gracias por estos años de alegría, gracias por sus sonrisas, gracias por sus voces, gracias por ser ellas mismas, gracias y suerte para el futuro.

    Y para no perder la costumbre mi reivindicación: En Up-Front se acuerdan de los fans hispanos? espero que algún día si.

  3. I loved those two Pandas :( JunJun's beauty and LinLin's singing ability will be a great loss to Morning Musume, as well as their personalities. It's so sad that they have to leave and I'll miss them a lot in H!P, but I hope they will pursue successful careers on their own (I really want LinLin to become a soloist, and JunJun would be a great model ♥). I wish them all the best for the Future!

  4. Loro sono due ragazze meravigliose!
    I live in Italy, and unfortunately I've never seen them live... but I will always support from afar, wherever they are.
    JunJun and LinLin, will remain forever in my heart ♥♥♥
    I wish them a wonderful future!


  5. I'll miss LinLin, she had the BIGGEST smile onstage.

  6. I live in Germany and I've never seen them live ... Sadly I couldn't go to Paris ._.
    But I swore that I'll save enough money to go to see them when they're performing somewhere in Europe again - I hope Morning Musume does it! =)

    Sure, Niigaki Risa is my favorite, but I really like LinLin and JunJun! It's sad that they aren't in Morning Musume anymore! But I'll continue to support them whatever they'll do! ♥

  7. I love how "goofy" Junjun would get at times & how Linlin laughed "dropping to the floor" & she starts "pointing" at the offender(s) or flailing using her arms when emotional. Being gullible helpped bring out that reaction in her.

  8. I love them both, it seems like their time in momusu was so short. I definitely have good memories of them though. I hope they do well back in china.

  9. i really love them and now, i miss them already..

  10. I'm going to miss LinLin - she was one of the stronger voices in Morning Musume and you KNEW that every time she sang, she gave it her all. She was always smiling and trying to make everyone feel happy. She was a great addition and I'm gonna miss her presence when I watch PVs or watch videos of concerts :(

    JunJun is just gorgeous and she has improved so much in singing. I think that JunJun really brought out the girliness and class of Morning Musume as well as a grown up feeling.

    I love them both! They needed to be in Morning Musume longer!

    These girls are not exchange students like they would once be classed as... they're now Morning Musume members forever and always <3

  11. Linlin was definately one of my favourites in Morning Musume. She had such an amazing voice and it is a shame she had to go. Her singing was amazing and her performances live were always top level. You could see her enjoy herself on stage. I am really going to miss her voice and presence in the current Morning Musume. I will never forget her trying to talk to me in English while they were in Paris.

    Junjun never really got my attention, but in Paris it changed. Everybody always called her the Panda, and I never understood why. But In Paris I understood. When you looked at her you saw a round Panda face. She has greatly improved singing and she will sure be missed.

    I hope both girls will be fine and I wish them the best. I hope to see them perform again, but I will support them whatever they decide.

    Greetings, Mieke (Holland, Europe)

  12. LinLin I'll miss You!!! I'll miss everything about You: Your smile, Your amazing and beautiful voice, Your personality. Without them Morning Musume will be so different... And probably will never be the same again...
    JunJun You will be missed a lot as well!! Your funny character really cheered me up^^
    Without both of You Pandas there MM will be so different...

  13. I'll continue to support JunJun and LinLin. I hope they become as successful or more so in China so we can continue to buy their songs and movies or TV shows in America ^^!

  14. JunLin i'll miss you....<3 I can't wait to hear about you both becoming big stars in China!!

  15. Linlin & JunJun have been my fave Momusu members from the very start. I was so sad when the graduation announcement was made. I would have loved to meet them but I sadly never got to.

    JunJun is such a beautiful woman, and she made me laugh a lot. Her voice is really beautiful, and she improved so much since she joined.

    LinLin is small but has such a strong voice. She put her everything in to it always. She's such a genki girl =3

    I still hope to be able to meet them sometime (^w^) I hope they both have a awesome career starting without MoMusu. And I really hope they will get a Photobook sometime cuz they never had a solo PB in MoMusu.

    I wish them luck =3

  16. Que puedo decir Linlin es una chica que simepre te hacia feliz sin importar que animo tuvieras...una magnifica voz y un caracter tan suyo es imposible poder reemplazarla pero la apoyaremos en todo lo que decida hacer ya sea como cantante o como cualquier otra cosa que desee la otaku de morning musume como olvidarlaa siempre quedara en nuestra memoriaa

    Junjun dejo huella en mosumu tambn es imposible describir la falta que hacen pero sabemos que ellas seguiran adelante asi como la nueva era de morning musume con nuevas miembros y gakisan como lider..!!

    Muchas suerte chicas espero que donde quiera que vallan no pierdan esa chispa ni esa aura que las rodeaa!

    ATTE:Paola A.K.A Volkovitha!!

  17. Jun Jun, Lin Lin thank you so much for all that you've done for Hello Project and MoMusu!

    Jun Jun, thank you for being there to make the members feel comfortable, for arguing with Kusumi-san, for sitting next to Tanaka-san, for cooking great dumplings for Sanma-san and the members, and for adding flavor to MM.

    Lin Lin (Lin Lin man) thank you for your great voice, for joining H!P in Japan, I love your upbeat character and hope you will tell more cold jokes in China. Thank you for making us smile.

    Thank you for everything and hope to see you become big stars in China. 頑張って!加油!!

  18. When I first saw Junjun she became one of my favorites instantly. Her strong personality, charisma and beauty will be missed in Morning Musume. I really wish to see her again on stage.
    She is such a pretty woman and I'm sad that I couldn't see her in a solo photobook while in Morning Musume, but I still have hopes to see a Junjun's photobook.
    Please Junjun, release a solo photobook!!!!!

    Linlin for me was the funniest in Momusu and one of the BEST voices in H!P. She is also one of my favorites and, for me, her graduation was too soon. She has an AMAZING voice and I think that she could've given much more of her awesomeness in Morning Musume.
    She is so talented! I really hope to see her in a solo career.

    I was lucky too see them in Japan at the pika pika concert and I hope to see them again.
    I was really sad with their graduation and I wished that it could be a joke, but I'm going to support them and wish the best for their future.
    I really want to see them on TV shows and again on stage.
    Good luck!

    Kisses from Brazil

  19. I was fortunate enough to be present at both the beginning and the end of Junjun and Linlin's time in Morning Musume. I was at Saitama Super Arena when Yossy introduced them to the audience at her graduation concert, and I was at Yokohama Arena when they graduated last month. I'm even happier that I got to meet the two of them at Anime Expo in 2009. I will miss seeing them in Morning Musume, but I look forward to whatever the future may have in store for them!

  20. Get a Jun Jun a photobook in China and i'll rest easy.

    If not China, then maybe Australia >_>

  21. JunJun

    Thank you for everything.
    The 3 years has been so much fun, so much memories, so much joy. These 3 years are the best years I have in my life so far.

    Seeing you laugh, seeing you cry, seeing you doing your best in life, in Japan, in Morning Musume, really made my day, every single day. Those moments are precious to me.

    Meeting you in Los Angeles, Paris, Aichi Bus Tour, Yokohama, and finally Yokohama Arena. JunJun I couldn't wish for anything better than those moments in my life.

    Thank you for being nice to me even though I can't speak Japanese.

    Whenever you go, Whatever you become, JunJun will still be JunJun that we love, JunJun that I love dearly.

    You have given me so much while I haven't given you anything in return.

    No matter will you go, I will support you.
    JunJun, Thank you for being everything for me.
    Tsunku-san, thank you for letting JunJun joined Morning Musume
    Aichan, Gakisan, Erichan, Sayu, Reina, Aika, LinLin, Koharu, thank you for being JunJun's friend, being there when she needs you guys.

  22. I was so sad to hear Eri was leaving, and then JunJun and LinLin as well!?
    Oh, Tsunku, you break our hearts every time~
    I hope they continue to sing so I can continue to watch and be a fan. Good luck, pandas <3

  23. Ooooh que sorpresa ayer encontre por ahi la photo de junjun con el sello de upfront y me quede algo sonza.

    Esque no piensan regresar a china como dijeron en su graduacion? No creo que sea una buena idea seguir en UFA.

    Un blog en español!!! -^-

  24. Uhm...Junjun was very funny, especially when she forced the BK members to say she was cute during one of their shows....(forgot the title when she was wearing panda costume)

    LinLin was interesting and funny as well, esp when she did the KameKameha really cracked me up...

    They should do the chinese version of jankenpyon before they leave japan....^_^

  25. 這三年多來真的辛苦了~看到妳們的努力讓我很感動,謝謝妳們給了我們這麼多快樂美好的回憶,接下來也請繼續加油!期待能早點再看見你們站在舞台上!

  26. They already went back to China!
    I hope to have news about them soon!

  27. I'm sad Eri, Linlin n Junjun are no longer with Momusu. But still I wish the best for Eri's recovery and the Pandas career in China. Ganbatte!!!

  28. LinLin needs to become an active member and sing her pure little heart out in China, because I'm sure all of her fans, and definitely myself, will follow her wherever she goes. I love my little Panda-Hime, and I hope she's having a great time back in her Furusato.

    -Ribon, LinLin's #1

  29. LinLin was my most favourite member in Morning Musume since the fist time I heared her singing. Wonderful voice, great personality and funny comments. She is just amazing. I hope she will become a solo singer in China and I'm going to support her no matter what!
    And JunJun was always cute and funny. At first I didn't like her much but after while she became one of my favourites too (who can not like something so charming?).
    So good luck to both of you!

  30. I was very surprised when I heard the graduation news

    Junjun and Linlin were such good members of Morning Musume. Linlin can perform very well in the stage, and her voice is very strong!

    Junjun has this goofy personality that adds special flavor in the Morning Musume's formation.

    When I watched Morning Musume's appearances in Television and interviews, Junjun is the only one that can make me laugh with her comments.

    I really think that both of girls were being underused in Morning Musume. I hardly found them sing a solo line, or even screen time.

    Best of luck for both of them!

    Greetings from Indonesia

  31. Good luck JunJun, LinLin!!!! Hope to hear from you soon!

  32. No news about them?
    Their popularity is really strong overseas. I hope to rear about them soon.