Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello! Project Winter 2011 part 1 : Morning Musume。

The Hello!Project Winter 2011 tour began this year with a crazy concert!

The whole place was overcrowded!!! The fans were really happy with the following news.

4 new members of Morning Musume。has been introduced, three from the auditions:
- Riho Sayashi,
- Kanon Suzuki,
- Erina Ikuta,
and one from Hello! Project Eggs:
- Mizuki Fukumura, who didn't know about it before Tsunku♂ announced it on stage.

And as a gift, here is a special picture for you with all the Morning Musume。members!
Hope you'll enjoy it ;)

Morning Musume。

By the way, I think many of you already know the leader Ai Takahashi will graduate the Morning Musume。and the Hello! Project during the Autumn Tour of this year, so let's support her even after her graduation !!
Ai Takahashi
 Official YouTube Channel


  1. Woah, cool blog! I'm really looking forward to Morning Musume 2011~!!!

  2. This blog definitely needs some work, but it'll get there. Hopefully the top banner is temporary. But it's great to see some outreach to English-speaking fans! There are lots of us, and it's great to know we're recognized. Thank you!

  3. Glad to see you guys care about foreign fans!

    Congrats to the 4 new girls, I'm looking forward to what they can do.

    We'll miss you, Aichan!

  4. Glad to see H!P realises it has a lot of foreign fans. Looking forward to future posts.

  5. Is this an official blog? If so maybe Naoki and Tsunku are starting to realise H!P is really getting a lot of English fans. Someday they may re-attempt Coconuts Musume.

  6. i'm going to follow this blog everyday!
    thank you for making this blog

    maybe you can ask the members to do a 1 line introduction in English as present for fans? :D

  7. Woa! An official blog? That's great!! I'll sure be following this blog :)

  8. I think the idea of an official blog from H!P is great but did you have to hire someone who is obviously not a fan of H!P?

    I've been living in Japan for almost 10 years and I'm here to stay and I've been a huge fan of H!P since 2nd generation Morning Musume.

    I already translate H!P members blogs into English....

    Hire me instead!

  9. Cheers for this blog!
    As someone who's been interested in H!P Eggs for a long time, I'm very happy and excited for Fukuchan!
    I like the other new members, as well. :D

    Aichan will always have my support! I hope that like Yossi and Rika, she will be able to visit fans overseas in her future career... But maybe it's too early to think about that. XD

  10. Whoa, official blog!?
    That's pretty cool!
    I'm currently learning japanese and I'm not that good at it so I'm happy that I can fully understand now what's going on even if I'm from Germany! ;)

    I'm really looking forward to the 9th Gen - somehow I especially like Zukki because of her cute smile~ <3

    It's sad that Ai-chan will graduate this year, but I'm glad that Risa will be leader from Morning Musume and H!P - she totally deserve it! =)

  11. Good luck Ai-chan! :O We'll miss youuuuu! I'm kind of happy tho... xDD Now we get to see Gaki shine and Riho's amazing dancing skillzz! No doubt she's gna take leader position fosho!! >:D

  12. This is so nice ^_^ I will suscribe!

  13. Good luck Aichan!!! All the best to the new Morning Musume of 2011 ♥♥♥ Let's make 2011 a great year for Hello! Project. Thank you very much for informing international fans too :D

  14. This is all fine and dandy, UFA, but resorting to confidence tricks and blatant bullshit to promote your idols overseas is just plain vile.
    How about you tell Phil-chan (assuming he's not just a figment of your imagination) to act more professionally instead of making an ass of himself with these sorry astroturfing acts?
    Just in case you don't know already, promotional scams such as this are punishable by law both in France and USA, so you better watch out before you make one wrong step.

  15. no entiendo, el traductor no funciona, si hubiera un en español.

  16. Thanks for creating this blog, i hope you update as often as you can and please let our favourite artists see our good wishes.

  17. holaaaa
    gracias por crear este blog
    me gusta momusu desde el año 2003
    en america latina hay mucho seguidores de H!P tambien
    por favor no se olviden de nosotros!!!!!
    queremos un blog en español!!!
    este es mi blog
    ojala que puedan visitarlo
    lo hacemos con mucho cariño

  18. Incredible official blog in English, I hope that is constantly updated and do not forget so quickly.
    All my support for Aicha, and congratulations to the new girls we UFA you may have to give the girls more promotion I wish much success.
    Soy de El Salvador LATINOAMERICA

  19. I hope to see also posts about the OG, because it's a Up-Front blog right? so I thing will be ok to also talk about them. o_o

  20. Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Latinoamerica !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    incredible blog!!!!!

  21. 9th generation Musume..Im looking forward. But will definitely miss this the old crew ;( crycry

  22. I was shocked hearing Takahashi-san's news of graduating Momusu....she's my favorite, now Shige-san doesn't have a victim with her chuu's during concert....

    and Riho-chan already...

    Qué lástima que Ai Takahashi se gradúe, pero bueno, al menos tenemos una nueva generación de Morning Musume, lo cual da paso a una nueva gran era de MM, mucho más kawaii que la anterior.
    Gracias por crear este blog, y espero que hagan una versión española.

  24. AI-CHAN WILL BE LOVED!!! and i hope the 9th gen will work hard for morning musume!!!

  25. Gracias por crear el blog sera muy util y podremos mantenernos informadoss!! doloroso saber que tekkete se gradua pero es algo bueno ella podra brillar por cuenta solaa!! le deseamos todo lo mejor y tengan por seguro que la apoyaremos en cualquier cosa que haga!!

  26. No~~~! ¡No quiero que Ai-chan se gradúe! TwT
    Nueva generación, ¡las chicas tienen mucho talento!

    Gracias por el Blog, pero sería mucho mejor si estuviera en español!

  27. It's good that the Momusu members constantly change, but Tsunku should change too!

  28. I can't believe that Ai is graduating! I knew it would come eventually, but... It's so crazy, she's been in it since I first got into them, and long been one of, if not my favorite members. It was weird when Yossie left, along with Miki.. It's not going to be the same once Ai, Risa, and Reina leave. I'm glad that they're getting more members, though.

    Good luck to Morning Musume, new members and old.