Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Kikkawa: Last Kikka Channel

Here is the last Kikka Channel after the disasters, difficult to resume because there are many emotions inside this video as you may imagine.

The debut of You was fixed on March, 30th, so the first question is more like how does she feel knowing it had been postponed.
The young singer says she tried her best for this special day but after what happened...
Anyway her new official debut day is now on May, 11th and she wants to try once again her best for the people.

The second question is about what happened on March, 11th, so what are her feelings about this special day (earthquakes and tsunami).
She was in Nagoya (west of Tōkyō, so a bit far away from earthquakes and tsunami) on this day and there was an event on the following day and she felt sorry about cancelling it. After this she says she is from Ibaraki (area close to Tōhoku region, which includes Fukushima and Sendai) and when she came back over there, she has been really shocked seeing and listening to the aftershock of her family and friends after this disaster.

The last question is about singing.
She did not have enough time until now to think about the real meaning of singing. She can not say strong things but she wants to provide as much as possible happiness and good spirit, because somehow this is the role of the singer.

Then there are some messages from the staff about the postponed release and what happened.
So let's all support as much as possible You Kikkawa for her official beginning!!!!

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  1. LOL, I just realized that your post was an explanation to the vid. Good Job!