Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hanabatakebokujō and the shops

The ranch of Hanabatakebokujō is in Hokkaidō but there are several shops all over Japan.

At the New Chitose Airport of Hokkaidō, there are two shops of Hanabatakebokujō (2nd and 3rd Japanese floors).
Shop in the airport

So if you are hungry, what do you think about eating a pizza of Hanabatakebokujō? They use 100% of raw wheat flour from Hokkaidō.
To cook the pizza in the authentic style, the pizza oven is made of stone.

Pizza oven

But the ingredients are quite simple : lots of hand-made cheeses (caciocavallo) or cream of caramels with nuts above. So we can recommand this pizza for lunch, with the nice aroma it will be perfect!

Pizza with caciocavallo
Pizza with caramel cream and nuts

It is of course also possible to buy takeaway original and soft ice creams. So do not hesitate to take a look if you have the opportunity. All the staff is waiting for you!

For the other shops like Roppongi, Karuizawa, please take a look on the following link:

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  1. Sorprendente! Hanabatakebokujo es enorme, granja, restaurantes, muchas cosas! Todo lo que produce se ve tan genial y delicioso.Hanabatakebokujo se ha convertido en mi destino de vacaciones!(♥_♥)

    Amazing! Hanabatakebokujo is huge! farm, restaurants, a lot of things! All it produce looks so amazing and delicious. Hanabatakebokujo has become in my holiday destination! (°0°)/